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Screwed by those who should have helped.

Posted by Screwed at August 20, 2010
Tags: 2010 August  Failure

Iím middle aged. I have a masterís degree. Iíve never been married. Never fathered children. Havenít even dated in years. Iíve been suffering depression for my whole adult life. Been in and out of therapy and on and off of antidepressants.

I do have some friends. I had a job in one end of the state and all my friends lived in the other end of the state. So, I left that job when I got a job offer in the end of the state that my friends live in. I had hoped that I would be happier by being in closer proximity to my friends. The job I left was good. I was treated well by my coworkers and highly regarded by my supervisors. The job I got sucked. I was crapped on and pushed around by those I needed cooperation from, to make a long story short. Mainly because I was willing to see clients on Fridays and my processing assistant didnít want to because she wanted to be able to take her friday afternoon naps in her office as she had for the ten years previous to my arrival there. So, she made life suck for me. She had been there for ten years and knew how to manipulate the work flow to create stress on me.

Eventually, I cracked from the stress and got fired and now I am unemployed. My supervisor basically didnít give a shit about what I was up against. After all, I was the new guy. Her solution was to ask me to resign. I refused; so, she fired me. Because I got fired, my chances of reemployment in my field are slim to none.

I worked hard for years to get to this point in my life. I havenít even been working in this field long enough to have a midlife crisis. I really just got started because it took so long to get here only to be fuked over by some christian bitch with a highschool diploma. Iím done with life. Can I die now? Jesus, please save me from your followers as they really make life suck.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 07,Sep,10 20:28

Should'nt bash people with a high school education. Some people can't wait to get to work, make money and beat up on pampered fags with whimpy attitudes! Try getting off your high horse and stop being so needy! Life sucks ass for us all every now and again; Jesus has nothing to do with it. Jesus is for people with no understanding of Mass, or space time. Light travels 186,000 miles per second and takes forever to get anywhere in space! We are feeding the worms when we die! Don't be in such a hurry.
I've been married for 23 years, have two kids, get laid at least twice a week and get miserable as shit! From my stand point, your ridin high, flyn solo, educated and only half way there. I say, excercise, drink tons of fluid and keep jerkin. At least your not pinned down with kids that will wear you down to a nub when your feeling shitty!
Lighten up, life is short but long as hell in the middle, remember? Think of all the people comming back from the war missing legs, arms, eyes and testicles, how bad do they feel? Shit flows down hill, keep your head up.
By anonymous at 12,Sep,10 18:58

What an awesome advice!

By anonymous at 13,Sep,10 01:37

Hi there, I would like to sincerely suggest to you to REALLY go to a psychiatrist not psychologist(lengthy etc) and get on a good ANTI-depressant ASAP!

Nothing wrong with you, your brain isn't making serotonin and THIS is why you are sad and feel defeated etc all the time.

I WAS in your shoes years ago and I went to a psychiatrist and got on celexa and I feel NORMAL AND NOT DEPRESSED!!!

THERE IS HOPE! You said you were off and then on meds. UH HELLO OFF being the operative word here, why would you stop taking meds???
You cant just try 1 or 2, NOT ALL MEDICATIONS work for certain people, man you need to TRY to find the RIGHT ONE FOR YOU! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and GO TO A DR again, a DIFFERENT ONE A BETTER ONE AND TRY MEDS YOU'VE NEVER TRIED BEFORE!
By anonymous at 13,Sep,10 19:58

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