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I really hate my FUCKING DAD

Posted by Benjamin at September 7, 2010
Tags: Juvenile problems  2010 September

ok this is the first time i have done this and im only 15- 20 so dont go > there are ppl who doesnt eat and shit ok

so les start

motherfuker dad wen i talk to him, his fuking eyebrows alwys give me that disgusted joke and wen he fuking ask for my help and i tried my best but i cant do it, he says i fuking doesnt help him and does he need to beg for me to help him


I TRIED my FUCKING best and my computer suddenly break down and he say i fucking play games and virus and FUKCING BS, then he says i have bad attitude and FUCKING screams at me for no reason and he calls me a bad child and a very selfish one

and while this yelling is going on, my fuking mom is going fuking emo and sya me and my bitch ass father arguing only becuz of her fucking fault which maks me feel so fucking annoyed. i dont even fucking cry wen i get slapp by nmy gf but i do wen i think of my MOTHERFUCKING FATHER being such an asshole to me wen i do my best to serve him the best i could

i have been living in this fukcin chaos of him shouting at me every fucking day fucking 12 years and i promise, i swear to fucking god once i get to 18 im outta this fuckin house and taking my best and loved mother away from tht cokcsuking piece of FUCKING GARBAGE

im not fucking 12 and im not fucking immature ok so stfu and read

once he fucking forgot to bring his bag to work n i took bus to his office which is fucking 2 hours and gave him, instead of saying fucking thx he saidd why the fuk did i come out and he said its just an excuse of me fuking trying to escape from doing my hwk

after wat he fucking said i was about to take my fuking knife and stab his fuking head but i thought to myslef dat i aint gonna waste my motherfuking nife on that cunt fuck

also once i forgot to do my washing laundry for 15 mins and he fuking swore at me and called me the biggest fuking idiot in the world and he fuking slaped me in the face and he said its me whos repsonsible for LALL THAT FUCKING ABUSE

he has done worse before so keep readng

he and his words have hurten me so much that my white hair has been growing so much bceuase of his actions and my eyes are always painful and soemtimes bleeds becuz he makes me cry so mcuh every day and i have tried suicide be4 but my mom stoppd me so i got FUCKING 5 deeps cuts on my wraist

noe more thing

my father so nice to me wen mom at home but hes FUCKING ASSHOLE WEN IM ALONE WIF HIM , THTS why everytime my moms go away i will often stay at frnds hosue and once becuz all frend went to vacation on summer, i slept on street for 2 days and i felt so hpy dat i dont need to see his MOTHERFUCKING FACE AGAIN.

thx for reading, any insulting comments against me and i will fuking killmyself

i swear, this is not a fucking joke i cant stand this anymore


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New Comment

By anonymous at 20,Jan,11 18:23

I hate my dad, hes fucking perverted. He goes behind my mums back and does things with my aunty and mum says i cant say anything. He wacks me if i say the slightest thing and once bruised me and cut my hand when i was little. And today it was the last straw, i was taking pads from the bathroom and i couldnt find them, so i was sorting that out, and i needed to clean by bra in the sink. (Because i only have one and i need it for tomorrow.) And i didnt get the chance to.. So he warns me to come out because ive been 10 minutes, Well 10 minutes turned into 20 and he unlocked the door with a knife. So i held the door and screamed.. Is this how all dads act? What should i do!?.. Im only 12. But im capable of understanding maybe hes a little harsh. But as he gets older he gets meaner.
By anonymous at 30,Jan,11 14:22

knife :/ a bit haresss (cant spell)
By anonymous at 27,Oct,12 14:08 Fold Up

Wow, he must have fucking problems, have you called the police? Maybe get him into rehab? Does he drink?

By anonymous at 04,Apr,11 19:01

Fuck it, whenever my dad drinks he get all moody and get angry and he was all like "give me your fuking phone" and I was like "um no, i payed for it" than my fuking pig ass sister comes in and says "JUST GIVE HIM YOUR SIME CARD!" what a mother fucker, now I had to give him my sim card even though I STILL PAYED FOR THAT. Anyone got tips how to murder your father while he's sleeping? I plan to do it neatly and quietly and make it look like an accident. Anyone got tips? Or should i cut my self and make it look like my dad did it? You know what his name is Sal and from now on he is no longer my "dad". Fuck that bastard, I hope he dies painfully tonight.
By anonymous at 16,Aug,12 14:56

My dad is the same. - He drinks and then make up shit that aint true. He even say my moms cheating on him, and i can sweeeeaar on my everyone i know, my mom aint that type. She loves him, that is the only reason we havent left him yet. Infront of other people he puts on this nice persona, and we buy it and start playing with him. But once he is with us alone at home he starts screaming, breaking shit .. One thing is for sure though, when i get myself a kid I AINT NEVER GOING TO ACT LIKE MY FUCKING DAD. FUCK HIM ! BITCH ASS.. I dont get angry when he say shit to me - but when he say shit to my little sister or my mama, it explodes in my head. I even punched him once, thats why he doesnt beat me anymore. I aint scared of that fool. Im a 16 year old boy. Trying to work on a rap career, and when its aiight. I gon fix a crib for me, mama and my sister. And leave that son of a bitch. Let that man die of alcohol poison ! SHIT

By anonymous at 19,Sep,11 11:18

Seriously, my father is the same too. MY tip is to burn his house and hope for the best. Because I am about to kill my father, I dont care what happend to me, as long my father is dead.
By at 18,Feb,12 12:04

Same with me i rlly hate my dad he punches me for just hair cutting!

By anonymous at 22,Sep,11 01:18

What are all of you going to do when you turn 18 and have to live in the "real world"? How are you going to handle an abusive boss, your fat-abusive wife, and your piece of shit kids who don't listen to you and want to kill you too? Yeah, all of you illiterate ingrates having kids of your own... now that's a scary thought!!!

Seeing that most of you can't spell worth a shit... you'll just end up on welfare; selling drugs; and/or turn to a life of crime.

"Fuck, Fuckity, Fuck-Fuck"... SO PATHETIC!

Do yourself (and America) a favor... graduate High School, join the military and get stationed overseas. Learn not to take the little things in life for granted!
By anonymous at 05,Mar,16 20:06

You're not any better when you're calling your family those things either! You do not sound like a kind person....I do know nobody should be abused ext. So I get you can be mad at your wife, but to call her fat and call your kids pieces of shit..? Honey-bunches you are no better yourself. So please take your own advice, and leave the state. Go to Alaska or something, and get eaten by a Polar Bear..

By anonymous at 26,Sep,11 14:53

Wait, wait, wait... you let your gf (girl friend) slap you?

Does she slap you because you are such a pussy?

OMG, go cry "wee wee wee all the way home" little piggy!
By at 18,Feb,12 12:05

Oh my god shut the fuck up you ass he isn't the piggy you dickface

By anonymous at 29,Sep,11 19:57

lol just got here by accident you all need to get a life
By anonymous at 24,Nov,11 00:17

Wow, you're really fucking ignorant.
By at 18,Feb,12 12:03 Fold Up

Heh yeah you typed i hate my dad by accident? you prick hahahah got caught out there did'nt you?
By anonymous at 05,Mar,16 20:07


By at 18,Feb,12 12:02

Stupid fucking dad i hate my dad too when i was having my hair cut he was like STAND STILL and i was like i cant i still have gell in my hair! and then he said FUCK OFF THEN YOU PRICK YOU FUCKING CUNT and gets a chair and pushes me into the front room throwing me onto the sofa YOU FUCKING CUNT GET TO YOUR ROOM NOW!! I was like thinking "Fuck you you fucking prick go fuck yourself" And i was like NO YOU ASS and then he fucking punched me!

By anonymous at 22,Mar,12 22:22

MAN IM SORRY FOR ALL THAT I THOUGHT MY Dd was bad until i read this
By anonymous at 06,Apr,15 20:22

Lol me too

By Anon (most of you are pathetic) at 29,May,12 22:00

"He took my SIM card...I'm gonna kill him"
Shut the fuck up you selfish piece of shit. Grow up. Stop being such a bitch. Go suck a dick or something. Losing your phone isn't a reason to commit homicide. Fuck, I'd be surprised if you know how to use a blade! I hope you hit your abdominal artery and bleed out before you can even cut your father. Right before you die, you'll realize how selfish you are...Your father was giving you some discipline.
Oh, and OP, seriously. Get a grip. I'm not gonna correct your grammar right now, but try to go see a counseler. Look into depression and bipolar disorder. IM NOT SAYING YOU'RE IN THE WRONG. However, I'm saying that this form of parenting probably is fucking you up mentally, and you aren't 100% stable. Get some antidepressants, it'll help out immensely. After you get some clarity, you might find it easier to fix this thing, like scheduling an intervention.
Oh, and after that, work on your spelling and grammar lol :D
By anonymous at 06,Apr,15 20:25

Ok ur mood changed alot thru-out this post lol
By anonymous at 05,Mar,16 20:09 Fold Up

Are you sure you're not bi-polar yourself....?

By anonymous at 10,Jun,12 10:29

By anonymous at 06,Apr,15 20:23

Wtf r u even saying?

By anonymous at 24,Aug,12 00:15

my dads is also an asshole

By anonymous at 16,Nov,12 22:08

i hate my dad so much that i wanted to shove my knife up in his freaking asss. i wont regret anything @/_\@
By anonymous at 06,Apr,15 20:24

Ok... Um, I think having a wound in your butt is probs not good.

By Elena at 04,Mar,13 21:15

I actually think she would make the peefrct Leah! Kristen Stewart grew on me in time and now I think she did a pretty good job at being Bella. I love Emily Browning! She has such a beautiful voice!^.^
By anonymous at 06,Apr,15 20:26

What does this have to do with anything?
By anonymous at 05,Mar,16 20:10

Ever heard of Trolls on the internet? >.

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By anonymous at 05,Sep,14 02:32

I hate my fucking ass dad too!!
I'm so sick and I told him I'm not feeling well and been throwing up then he shuts my mouth. I swear Im leaving when I'm 18, too. I can't take my dads crap

By 2014 Womens The North Face Cinna at 05,Nov,14 09:50

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By anonymous at 06,Apr,15 20:26

Lol ur mom must have hated you if she named you FUCK YEAH

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