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Meaningless life, its a final goodbye

Posted by anonymous at September 8, 2010
Tags: Meaninglessness  2010 September

My story is similar to many others here. Life is meaningless...i dont seem to find a purpose.. I have job, i hate it,iam not single though.iam in a beautiful relationship since 2yrs, and want to continue it forever.He's the nicest man a girl can ask for. Although iam facing many financial issues these days..some emotional problems with family that have been there ever since.

Its ALL GOING HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO BE! but still every evening when i get free from work, i get dangerously depressed..cant understand why??just cant seem to find a purpose in life...

At times it feels everything around me is unreal, many times i simply go blank, not able to comprehend whts going around everythngs fake, a dream or something...

Dnt know if it happens to anyonelse,but i cant find an escape from it


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New Comment

By anonymous at 18,Sep,10 19:22

try some vitamin d it may help >>

By anonymous at 20,Sep,10 16:24

maybe you have depersonalization disorder?
By anonymous at 30,Nov,12 12:44

Wow, way to go all sheeple with it. I could see the advertizing now... "depressed? Feel like life has no meaning? Sometimes wonder what no afterlife is like? Just now realizing the reality of the world around you? Then take these government approved drugs. We promise you wont recognize a thing

By anonymous at 22,Sep,10 16:08

Feel pretty much the same way when I'm depressed.

By anonymous at 25,Sep,10 01:43

When i read this i was suprised by how much it sounded like me, my mother makes me take vitamin D, i dont really think it helps much. Butt just hold onto the good times, and think about people who would miss you if u were gone. somtimes that helps me feel better :(

By anonymous at 02,Oct,10 19:12

Try the following:
1) Exercise. Even if you don't like exercising. Join a gym or, if money is an issue, jog around the neighborhood or walk instead of driving the car to get groceries/go to the store.
2) Make a "To Do List" of the things you want to do. They can range from laundry, do dishes, read a book, walk to the park, find a good pair of shoes, etc. Keep the list safe and maybe post it on the refrigerator. Then... when you feel down, pick something off the list and do it.
By anonymous at 24,Oct,10 22:16

i tried that. my life used to suck, now it has meaning... at least untill that loses neaning

By anonymous at 06,Nov,11 01:33

I think life is kind of like an allusion. Now you see more of the truth, you are more real, closer to truth. Its okay. My friend and I interviewed some students in Pitts. who share that kind of feeling.

My favorite is the kid with dark hair who says,
"At the end of it, I want look back and know that it meant something." I feel like that so much of the time.

Stay true!

By Mos at 27,Nov,12 21:59

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