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My Mother is an incurable Cancer on this family

Posted by anonymous at September 11, 2010
Tags: Family  2010 September

My life truly fucking sucks, I've grown up with a mother that suffers from manic depression, she is CANCER on my family that will no go away! i love her but i fuking hate her soo much when she gets in to one, and then we have the proposed suicide attempts we have the attempterd beatings to my father and i am always the one caught in the fcuking middle trying to stop them killing eachother when i have these sick thoughts in my head to smash her fcuking skull in and choke the life out of her.... 2010 has been a lousy year....University was going shit, the love of my life dumped me over the telephone (getting me to ring her) after 2 months of the silent treatment, and to top it all off the day after i got dumped, i had to put my grandfather in a hospice where he suffered continuously for an entire month before he eventually died as the lung cancer had gotten to him.
Further fcukin more, 2 days after that cunt dumped me, i log on to facebook to find pictures of her having the time of her life!!! Eddie Guerrero said it best,
"the worst thing you could hear is from the person you love is that they don't love you anymore!"
In addition my mother is the laziest cow on the planet, she'll bitch and moan about how untidy the house always is (which it really isn't), but will she get off her fat arse and clean??? fuck she does!!! she doesn't cook either but she'll gladly help herself to 3 jars of chocolate spread a week and then moan why she's so fcuking fat, and result??...of course she gets depressed and then starts on my father, who she persists on saying has done nothing for her, WHEN IN REALITY MY ENTIRE FAMILY HAS TO TREAD ON EGGSHELLS WHEN EVEN TALKING TO HER!!!

This is why my life sucks!!! university was meant to be the best time of a person's life, was it for me? NO while everybody else is.
Growing up, kids can have their friends over whenever they want more or less. for me? FCUK NO with my mother i would/will always get a moan and a huff and therefore have never had any friends over because its always a problem for her because she's to busy sleeping on the couch in the middle of couch in the LIVING ROOM!!!.
I rarely go out with my mates, because surprise surprise, its always a fcuking problem for me to even say i'm going down the road!!! I'M FUCKING 20!!!!

Could i have lived away from home like everybody else at uni? NO
Could i have gone out and enjoy my self from time to time? NO
Could i have a girlfriend to be honest with me and give me a reason to why she dumped me (...over the telephone) NO
Could i get over her after a month, 2 months? NOOO A year has gone by and i still love that heart stabbing BITCH!!!
Could i have had a mother who didnt had half the problems to what my mother believes in her head to be? NO

I hate my life and i am miserable and heart broken, i can never go out cause i basically babysit that fat good for nothing cow of a mother!!! the whole of my family's lives revolve around that SELFISH, LAZY GOOD FOR NOTHING WASTE OF HUMAN LIFE CANCER!!!!


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