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Posted by MindlessRipoff at September 27, 2010
Tags: Family  Health  Juvenile problems  2010 September

I am 15 years old. I go to to school everyday and try my hardest but i always end up failing and getting bullied all the time, Im getting used to the suffering, I come home from school and what do I get? My mother drunk or out at the bar, I babysit my 7 year old brother, 13 year old brother ( who has tryed to kill me mutiple times) and 4 year old sister who gets whatever she wants, oh yeah did I mention my moms perverted boyfriend who raped me last year? I told my mother but she called me a liar and that I could never get a boyfriend because I'm too ugly. I have average grades Cs and Ds but I'm never good enough, right now I've got no friends , I don't really care about getting a boyfriend, all I really cared about is having someone that would listen but it's too late. I have zero self esteem, I have bulimia and a cutting addiction, I can't handle another day of this pain and suffering so it's my time to say goodbye!


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By anonymous at 01,Oct,10 17:57

No don't say that. you have alot to live for. Stay away from your mom and moms boyfriend and people who want to harm you. I think you need to set a good example for your younger brother and sister. Don't cut yourself even though it may feel good. It will only help you temporarily. But the pain will keep coming back. you think your ugly, you need to change that around. Excercise, eat right. Beauty starts from the inside. So smile and be happy. You also need to change your way of thinking and see things in a positive way. There's people out there that will appreciate you.. You need to make friends with people, people who will understand you and people who want to be near you. I know your hurting inside, but be strong. Have faith, God will help you. Pray to him and tell him your problems. God bless you. lots of love.

By anonymous at 02,Oct,10 18:05

Oh, FUCK IT! You are right! You are a worthless son of a bitch! Do the world a favor and kill your self! Bet you ain't got the balls? Bet you are such a failier you can't even succceede in killing yourself!!!
By anonymous at 12,Mar,12 23:17

You are a stupid fucking bitch. Thats a bit more than fucked up. Someone is having fucked up life set out for them and they hate it. Who the fuck are you? Really, does anyone give two shits about you? Probably NOT.
Fuck off.

And OP.. hope it gets better

By anonymous at 03,Oct,10 09:17

sometimes I feel like killing myself too.
I haven't done it 'cause I hope things are gonna get better for me, and hopefully there is something good waiting for me at the end of the tunnel

By anonymous at 04,Oct,10 19:45

i hope to god you read this, but heres what you do, tell your school, authorities, tell all you were raped. leave home. for christs sake girl f your family, just get out of there!

By at 06,Oct,10 00:26

you know, as much as I hate my life and all the horrible things thats been happening to me ALL THE FUKEN TIME...I still want to make my life work...I want the good things in life even though, those "good things" hate me so much.

By anonymous at 09,Nov,10 16:14

Please reach out and report that bastard to the police. Help yourself and your sister, she needs you to be stong.

There are people out there that will help .. be strong you can do it.

By anonymous at 10,Nov,12 12:46

just wait till your 18 years old and get the hell out if their

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