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the evolution of the universe

Posted by anonymous at October 16, 2010
Tags: Attitude  Bad Luck  Independent circumstances  2010 October

hey. i really dont know to start this as its really complicated and ive been thinkin bout this subject every night for about 2 months. im 20 and i lost my mum to breast cancer when i was 14 after a long fight. at the time it happened i went into complete shock. i continued with scool but i reduced my hours as i couldnt concentrate for very long. i just about got through my gcse's. when my mum was alive we had convos about what i wanted to do n my dream has always been to work with animmals. i didnt find that route when i left scool so i had to go to college and the 1st year i did an electrical course but i quit 2 months before the end. the next year i decided to do bricklayin which was a struggle as i started to feel my mums loss and realise that i would never see her again. i passed the 1st year, however the 2nd year i went into deep depression and nearly commited suicide twice. i was never really happy and knew it was a waste of my time but the colleges 2. i had to take a year out to get myself rite. i live with my dad who only works part time and from home. his new lady's daughter has a friend who works at a college that does animal care and i got in and have just started and its really gd. the last 2 months my dad has been ill with somethin that we dont know what it is. im scared that i might lose him 2, i have a sister whos at uni 50 miles away. anyway gettin bk to what i wanted to talk about. i think very deeply about why the human race is so ignorant genarally and it does my head in. for example we dont think of ourselves as another part in this amazing evolution of this unbelievable universe. we are no more important than any other living creature even tho we think we are. we think that because we have a brain thats givin us the rite to overpower everythin else n that is just totally ignorant and stupid and selfish. the way we vote for goverments to run certain countries and then we have to follow everythin that they say even tho its all lies anyway. we go to war for what we think is ours but nothin is truly ours or anyones. the real issue with goverments is that in any 1 country we have 5 different parties that we all vote for which means were fightin with our own people. the party that eventually wins might only get 30% of the vote which means the majority of the people didnt vote for this goverment to run their country. your guna have more unhappy people than happy. im an athiest and i dont see how there can be a god cause if there was hes not a carin spirit at all and the world would be different. i find alot of people dont have a clue about how theve even been born. the answer i always get is a very odd look as if to say am i stupid which i find hilarious and ironic. they always say well my mum and dad made me which i agree with but thats as far as there knowledge goes. all our lives are incredible because for me to be here rite now my dad had to meet my mum and for that to have happened my my grand parents had to meet and all the way up the family tree. all them thin had to happen for me to even have a chance. even that is a small story of the evolution of everythin that ever was and ever will be. this universe is 1 of many that were created in some way that we dont no. if we think were important we are very ignorant and quite truly very unintelligent. i want to end this on a reasonable note so im guna say this im alot happier around different animals than us i find it hard with people. we had this really special dog who was a part of the family for 13 years but sadly she passed away last year and i really miss her so much now. when i was strugglin with life i new i could come bk from college and give her a huge hug and my dad always used to say to me she misses u uno when u go college and she always knew when i was due bk. i always knew how she was feelin and vise versa. in conclusion, when people ask me what would i do if i was the last man alive, well i certainly wouldnt be stickin around here id be livin with all these incredible animals that have just as much rite as we do and live a very happy and fulfillin life.


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