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Got you al beat!

Posted by dissapearingtoamsterdam at November 4, 2010
Tags: Health  Job  2010 November

I feel like I am bragging here....

It's easier just to outline the last five years.

Wife fell down icy steps in Colorado and the fall resulted in her being bedridden.

The hospital stays, lasting months sometimes, began quickly afterwards.

I was working for Xerox Corporation and getting awards for performance until this all started. Aslo worked part time as a jeweler and webmaster.

The first and all other hospital stays left me with 2-4 hours sleep a night....and the past five years averaging maybe four.

Two lazy kids, had to work full time at Xerox, run them to and from school, stay with wife at hospital until around ten each night, then go home and do all the housework.

Did I say my kids are lazy? Her family (her town) were absolutely no help. So much for those family values....

Performance, of course, began to drop at work. Began getting 'hits' from the boss.

Maxine getting infections that caused more hospital and rehab extended stays.

They would not operate on her back so she could walk again.

A year later I decide to move us to Galveston, where UTMB rocks.

Wife went into hospital in Colorado again, while I was moving us to Galveston. I had two weeks. Where was her &$#$& family? My kids were no help. It took three trips to move everything, and I literally did 98% of the work by myself!

Had to rent a house via the internet, Deem realty lying about the house. It was NOT single family OR handicapped accessible...

Wife still in rehab in Colorado. Got the kids, went back to work at new Xerox account, with one co-worker who came in two hours late every day, would not dress to code, and was quitting and openly did not care.

Xerox replacing ALL the machines at the County and City locations of Galveston. Co worker sucked.

Maxine gets released from recovery, where they finally found out she had MRSA. She flew down. Then she collapsed from yet another infection a month later.

They did an emergency operation to remove part of her spine to save her life - the MRSA had mutated and attacked the bone.

Got back stabbed by my coworker and ultimately wound up losing my job of nine faithful years over the rap it gave me. Xerox processed me out.

Now I lost a $30,000 a year job in one of the nations most economically depressed places. But decided to use the window of oppertunity to get a web site business started so can work at home.

Here comes Hurricane Ike. Oh yeah, lets have a bleeping history-making storm!

Had to evacuate. Stayed in Waco three weeks in hotel.

Had to take my wife out of recovery to a motel room keeping her alive and listening to how Galveston is getting destroyed.

Ran out of medical supplies three weeks later and had to come home early, before the island was open. Fortunately could put wife in recovery again, because the evacuation almost killed her. This was about the fifth time she almost left us.

Stayed in nice hotel for two weeks, courtesy FEMA. That was actually nice, except we had to stay with my wife at the rehab too.

Because of my wife's condition we got one of the first ten FEMA trailers available. That was fortunate, as my boys and I was about to have to sleep in out car when the hotel thing expired.

The trailer was new, but we were the only english-speaking, and probably American, residents.

Boys went back to school in Galveston, and I got a part time job there, so commuted 60 miles minimum daily, while the wife was in rehab.

Did I say that I rarely got over four hours sleep during all this?

Wife gets out, but now has raging bed sore, that stoped her progress for the second operation to fix the original injury to her disks - a whole year. SHe wastes away to a skeleton woman, muscles atrophying.

FEMA says we have to move out a year later, and DHAP helped us get a house on the island.

Things are now getting better.

Wife got bedsore fixed - "flap operation."

Still trying to get her to walk.

Still getting a web business going while visiting every food bank and charity around to survive.

OK, I win...and this was only an outline!

But you know what? BRING IT ON!

Life does indeed suck....but damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 15,Nov,10 01:39

off topic but is the xerox 6128 decent price/printer value wise?
By anonymous at 16,Nov,10 11:59

im serious =/

By anonymous at 20,Nov,10 02:25

Your story is touching.

You seem like a dedicated, determined individual.

Everyone in your family is very fortunate to have you around.

LOVE YOUR CONCLUSION (damn the torpedoes, fullspeed ahead! Classic & AWESOME).

By anonymous at 20,Nov,10 17:00

Sir you sound like a man who's been through alot. But the good book say spare the rod spoil the child. But you got to man up I got 4 boys and they will fear me until they learn to respect me. If they dont want to help the family in there time of need then what use you feeding them. I was raised by my grandma and she didnt play that shit. what she said went no questions. And now that I im older i love her more than life cause it take a strong person to discipline kids today but if you dont you will reget it for the rest of your life. Take away everything till they learn to appreciate where it comes from.

By anonymous at 02,Dec,10 01:04

I admire you, my friend

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By Mitchell at 15,May,17 02:22

That's a smart answer to a tricky qustoien

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