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I'm a depressed male prostitute

Posted by anonymous at November 14, 2010
Tags: 2010 November  Poverty

First, sorry if my English is poor, itís my second language. I live in Thailand where my Australian father and my Thai mother had me. My father die when I was ten. He didnít leave us anything. Later I learn that my mother was his secret wife. Life was very difficult after he die. We hardly had three meals a day. Then my older brother joined a boxing camp to become a boxer to help out. He was doing ok. So I was forced to train there when I was twelve. At twelve, nobody would hire me but people would pay to see teenagers fight. Yes, this is how things work here. In the camp we had to get up at five and run ten kilometers. Then practiced all day until sunset seven days a week. It was no fun being punched and kicked when in the ring or in the camp during practicing. The worst part was weight control. To maintain weight class, camp manager controlled who got to eat and didnít. I was allowed to have only vegetable soup for days even if my weight was only a few pounds over. People can count all my ribs a few days before the fight date. Because I eat/sleep/train in the camp, most money I earn from boxing which is not much went to the camp owner. But at least I was not a burden to my family. Then my mother was killed by a car accident. The killer ran away. Hard life at the boxing camp and my mother bad news made me leave the camp. I was sixteen with no education and no money. My brothers friend helped me getting a job as a construction laborer in Bangkok. Work was hard but my body used to it. The pay was very little. Just enough to get three meals a day and some change to contribute to my brothers friend. Then I met a girl through a friend. She was a school girl who always told me she likes my muscular body. She invited me to her parents house while nobody was home. We were about to have sex. All clothes striped down and her father came home. We were caught. I didnít know that her father was a police. He was very angry and found a way to put me in jail. I was beat up while in there for a week. It was one thing being kicked and punched when I was on the ring. Her merciless father handcuffed and hanged me from the ceiling like I was a punching bag. Other police knew this but nobody care. Then I lost the laborer job because I was in jail for a week. I could not find a new job. Desperately I went to work for gay bar where I had to dance naked at night trying to get customers to pick me. It was easier for me to talk to foreign customers because I knew English. I guess that was the only thing my father left to me. I could not choose customer and had to go with whoever paid for me. Most customers were ugly old men. Iím so sad that my life is terrible. I donít know if my future would be better.


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By anonymous at 03,Dec,10 00:46

One top of everything else, you will die a slow and painful death due to AIDS.

By anonymous at 05,Dec,10 04:26

You Stupid Mother Fucker!
(you will die a slow and painful death due to AIDS.)
Not all people are born into a good life, I should know..
This fucking guy just feels bad about his life. Have some fucking sympathy for gods sake, He may die a painful death of aids, who knows, but if there is a Hell, You should easily ROT in it. (This is why I hate this fucking country, cater to the fuckups ie people with money., Only Fuckups like that would write shit like that, because if you ever felt real pain in your life, youd hang yourself, I would laugh, you'd be dead,... A better world.)
Fuck of and die.
Give me your adress so I can beat you to death...
By welcome at 23,Mar,13 06:35

fuck ppl who don't feel sympathy to other ppl if it was you what will you feel. for me go to the social worker to help you

By at 29,Oct,11 20:04

Firstly! I would just like to say to the person who wrote those too vile comments needs help. You have issues.

To the person who wrote the story i'm sorry for what your life has dealt you so far, i can only imagine. I wish that your future will bring you happiness and security. If by any chance you can prove your dad was australian you should be able to get into australia. I lived there for 2 years on a working holiday visa i had a great time and you can earn good money.
Good luck to you mate. Darren from Scotland.

By anonymous at 26,Dec,11 16:28

I'm sorry about your misfortunes, NO ONE can control where they are born. You just are. You can be a good person, and be born in the ninth circle of hell.

I don't mean to sound sappy, but everything I say comes from real life experience.

My dad was a drug and alcohol addict, and I had to watch since i can remember as he almost beat my mom to half to death every day, because she didn't have the guts to do something about it, even with little children in the house.

When we finally separated from the guy, we went to live to my grandmother's house with no money, no nothing just the asses god had blessed us with and that empty house.

My mom spent her time lying on the couch, to depressed to notice my brother was a perverted fuck and tried to molest me on many occasions. I was six at the time.

Aaaall this shit obviously...affected me in a lot of ways, even now that I've grown and am in transition from teenager to young adult.

So all this shit was to say that, even though lousy stuff happens in your life, and if your born around assholes who can't give any less shit about you if they tried, it's YOUR life, and you can make plans, and one day LEAVE.

i'm still messed up, and i still don't have fuck figured out. We barely make it through the rent and food, but it's MY life.

And maybe we won't have a great life, that one day will be talked about and written about; but it'll be a good life for us. WE'LL be happy, and FUCK THE WORLD, and their standards of a good life,

a good life is that in which you find happyness for YOURSELF.

By anonymous at 19,Apr,12 22:06

I feel sorry for you.
can't you at least be a male prostitute for women ?
find a rich chick and milk as much as you can?

By anonymous at 16,Aug,12 23:04

Well I am 46 years old and I know the feeling cuz I have no money and I can't work cuz I have degenerative disc disease and I am in pain all the time and my medtablism as stop working so I am over weight. My best friend past away due to cancer. I went homeless cuz I am on disability and rent is more then I make. I say hi to people and they don't answer. Then I put up ads for new friends only to find out they want sex.or money. O wish you luck

By anonymous at 04,Nov,12 11:24

hello my name is shoaib .
i am 29 year old .and i like prostitution busness

By matzcrorkz at 04,Aug,14 01:17

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By crorkz matz at 05,Aug,14 02:56

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