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Treat me like shit why dont you...

Posted by anonymous at November 27, 2010
Tags: Juvenile problems  2010 November

So i am 17 and my mom hates me and loves my twin sis. Go figure. I always try to be the good kid. I never smoke, dont hav sex, an rarely drink. My sis does all of that. She is always in her giant room with her door locked on the computer doing whatever she wants. And i am stuck in the basement in a room smaller than her closet getting yelled at because i was doing homework on my laptop in my room, which hasnt had a lock in over a year. I cant even use a laptop for homework in my room and she can do whatever she wants. I havent gotten any money from my parents for anything in years, and they give her allowance and still pay for her to go shopping every week.
I cant go more than 12 hours without getting yelled at or scolded for something by my mom. Whenever i am cleaning my room or doing my homework my mom comes down the stairs and yells at me for not having my stuff done and walks away, then i dont feel like doing any more of it. Now whenever i do my homework or clean i am so paranoid that if i hear any noise upstairs i just stop and prepare for her to come down and nag me about something. This causes me to not always get my stuff done in return having her yell even more and going into a neverending spiral. Now my grades are bad and i feel like shit all the time.
My mom makes me feel like i am worthless. We just got in a fight and now i wanna just run away cause i hav nothing going for me. My twin sister has looks, straight A's, was on varsity freshman year for hockey and is getting a scholarship to college for lacrosse. My dad was in the majors, my mom graduated from like harvard or something, my brother made varsity hockey as a sophemore. I dont hav looks, i hav bad grades and i cant even make varsity hockey as a senior. Everyone in my family has had sex and everyone is married except for my twin, and i cant even get a girlfriend. I just feel like shit. Does anyone else think my life is a piece of shit?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 13,Dec,10 17:23

To hell with your parents, when you're 18, you can go to college, be independent, and away from them. Hang in there pal

By anonymous at 13,Dec,10 20:37

Can I be your first?

By anonymous at 16,Dec,10 03:46

I know exactly how you feel. I'm 19 and my mom was doing the exact same thing. She eventually said she wanted nothing to do with me so I moved to my dads. I don't talk to my mom anymore and I'm probably not invited back for christmas lol. Start saving up money, possibly get a job, when you're 18, move away and do what you want. Good luck with everything.

By josh at 16,Dec,10 04:06

i know exactly how you feel Hun ur not the only 1 im going threw the same shiit just like you and it sucks !!!! 8(

By anonymous at 24,Dec,10 20:21

Well that's f-up... You're best option is to get the hell out of there when you're ready and able.
Or tell someone, like your (assuming they're not the same) grandparents, or any other relative who'd care about you and show your parents for who they really are.
And one more thing. Is your sister the same? She doesn't give a shit about you or maybe you just didn't talked to her about this sick situation? Doesn't it bother her?

By anonymous at 08,Mar,11 02:20

man ill tell u something,these people seriously dont care about u,and really u should show no emothions.when ur mon is screaming at u,just give her the i dont care look,so she can get the message that im sick of ur shit.and than if she reacts to it,tell her ur an egg

By anonymous at 24,May,11 13:12

I feel for you my mom treats me like that too I'm 13 so cant.

move out soon

By anonymous at 26,Jul,11 01:48

im 19 male parents live together and hate me they like me when they are seperated but they call me spoiled eve

By anonymous at 03,Sep,11 18:09

Sounds like my life, Been going through it for some years now and im only 16, So i got 2 more years then im gone.

By anonymous at 11,Jul,12 17:46

I envy you. I was chained to a bed for 15 years. You have it good

By Savion at 04,Mar,13 08:43

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