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Are you kidding?

Posted by Mitchell at December 5, 2010
Tags: 2010 December  Failure  Job  Money  Relationship  Unemployment

Try this one on for size. I'm 40. I have two broken marriages, a kid that my tyrant of an ex-wife won't even let me talk to or wish happy birthday. And I'm not an abusive, child-molesting troll. I'm 6'3", handsome and grew up in a Christian home with good values and yes, I did embrace those, so I'm still a good guy.
I can't hold onto a job. I just got a job three weeks ago as a network administrator, two weeks after getting my master's degree in information systems conferred. Then I lost it because management wanted to go 100% outsourced. So I'm back at square one, living with my parents and my credit rating is taking a slide. I owe $50,000 in student loans along with all my other debts.
I don't even live in a town or community with any opportunity. I'm broke. To beat all, I have a great work ethic, I'm talented, patient, catch on quickly and dedicated. Sure, my family loves me but they've got nothing else to prove to anyone.
All my friends have been around the world and have done things that I'll probably never do. I have nothing. Nothing!
And the economy is in the toilet. There are no prospects. I've sent out about 175 resumes without even a call for an interview. Getting a job in this country is a joke anymore. It's got me to the point of where I hear anybody complain about their job, I put them in their place.
So life does suck for many of us. I honestly am starting to believe that this is my lot in life. Nothing will ever happen for me. I'm just going to have to face it. I'm going to die here.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 23,Dec,10 00:03

Your life is more than your job. It's more than where you live and how much is in your bank account. We are alive for such a brief amount of time. Time is the real resource and it doesn't cost anything. You can't take your stuff and your savings with you when you run out of time.
By anonymous at 23,Dec,10 01:58

shhh do not talk about fight club e.e
By anonymous at 23,Dec,10 02:37

These things were known long before that book was written.
By anonymous at 23,Dec,10 20:47

known? yes by a majority? no.
By anonymous at 23,Dec,10 20:48 Fold Up

Its obvious that the guy says shhh about the first fight club rule.

By anonymous at 23,Dec,10 21:07

Want a good American job? Move to India.
Want a good paying American job? Start an outsourcing firm to send American jobs to Asia. Taxpayer money will support you.

By anonymous at 24,Dec,10 01:55

I think your in the US somewhere, I am in Canada, there are still jobs, but ones life can "Suck" even with a job.Divorced, 45 Single Dad, seems like finding love is a thing may be a thing of the past.If you can have Love the rest does not matter!
By anonymous at 24,Dec,10 12:42

What province.

By anonymous at 24,Dec,10 03:07

I suppose there was good in your life at one will come again...Today is not always...Need to think outside the box. Don't give up, you are obviously a smart good man...and don't worry many of us are in the same you are not alone. Have faith, things will come around.

By anonymous at 24,Dec,10 05:10

I feel for you. I work in Information Technology too. I have watched foreign workers move to the United States over the years and take the jobs. I work in Washington DC right now (I needed to move away from my family, lost my home, and my credit history is destroyed). and in DC, most of the IT jobs are held by foreigners. Indians, Chinese, etc are taking those jobs and the federal government doesn't give a shit. I told the feds they should hire Americans because so many are unemployed. They just don't care.

You might want consider moving to DC for work though. Much work is available. However, you might need to move away from your family. Yes it is a horrible choice. I miss my child so much and the pain is almost unbearable, however I am able to put some away for his college.

DC makes me sick. The don't care about the rest of the United States. They are having a great time down and don't give a crap about the country they are should be supporting.

In the end, this life is painful, stupid, brutal and ugly. I will great death, when it comes with relief.

By anonymous at 25,Dec,10 04:45

I say lower your standards. you dont realize how few people can get a job in there field right out of college. if you have to work fast food WORK IT. who cares if u hate it its a paycheck untill you get the job you want especially when u work in a field that alot of people go for. stop moping around and dont expect the top. Walmart hires people like its going out of business. pays enough where u can live comfortably and has benefits. it isnt a dream job but its something

By anonymous at 26,Dec,10 00:56

It seems like a lot of ppl are in this same situation, its "average" who isn't divorced and in debt?

By at 26,Dec,10 03:10

I got one word for ya well three


By anonymous at 11,Jan,11 21:41

You sound conceited.

By link building at 23,Oct,13 22:48

8su2DQ I value the article post. Will read on...

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