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my husband sucks - and he's made my life suck

Posted by loving mum at December 9, 2010
Tags: 2010 December  Relationship

4 weeks exactly before Christmas day and my husband of 10 years tells me he has been unhappy with our lives for years and has repressed his feelings to a point that he no longer loves me and he has found another woman (3 months ago) that he thinks he wants to 'start a new life with'. i loved and trusted this man with my whole heart and soul and i had no idea. yes i realize how ridiculous it sounds but he's a good actor and he is a good father to our 2 young children. those wonderful children are the only things keeping me going. me, being the ever faithful ridiculous wife, suggested we see a therapist and see if we can work on the relationship because we never even gave it a try because he never opened his big mouth to say anything was wrong. he just doesn't know. he just wants to run away with this homewrecking woman - who also has a husband and 2 children - and he knows what a horrible thing that would be for our family. so he can't decide.

now here i sit with my 2 young children, two weeks before Chrismas, crying all the time. i saw a therapist today but she can't make him say what i want to hear - which is "i was an asshole and i'm so sorry, can you ever forgive me? i want to start again and re-connect and i want to love you for the rest of my life."

my life sucks because my husband is a sucky husband


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By anonymous at 29,Dec,10 19:41

Maybe you got fat?
By anonymous at 24,Jan,11 20:19

Maybe u got fat?! Wtf?!!! what a fucking dumb ass thing to say. Lets say she did put on some weight and he lost his legs. Suppose to love your husband or wife no matter what life change u go thru. Everyone is gonna get old at some point and loss their looks then what dumb ass?! Really, maybe u got fat! no right to mistreat ur honey and go out and get aids! Move on honey, let him go and if u did put on some weight u can always loss it cuz if he lost his hair he is not gonna get it back if he lost his looks he is not going to get it back! Weight u can loss and u want someone that is going to love u no matter what u look like.. I am sure that is not the case however, he just a fucking dick for cheating! lease u can go to bed at night knowing you can be faithful and u gave it your all and he is the one who gave up! And to the dummy that said she got fat, u need to shut ur fucking SUCK HOLE!

By anonymous at 29,Dec,10 21:38

Listen, this sounds like what happened to my parents. Men can do that. Don't waste your time with him, get a good paying job that will keep you financially independent, and get away from him!
By anonymous at 31,Dec,10 00:42

good paying job or a rich boyfriend!

great answer there, hussy!
By anonymous at 24,Jan,11 20:32

lmfao!!! fucking dummy!!! little kid where did she say "rich boyfriend"! Read................... Read........... She said a good paying job! I wish I could meet some of u fucking dummies so I can bitch slap you! put some fucking sense in your fucking dumb heads after ya'll been bitchslapped! fucking loser!

By at 04,Jan,11 06:54

No no no no no...why won't you face the reality, woman ?!! You don't have a sucky husband, in fact the only one who is sucky is you ! I am sorry for being rude, but it's much more easier to pass the fault-"ball" to the other guy rather then admitting your own mistakes. GUYS, REMEMBER if a man walked out of a family, then there's a problem and the guilty one is the wife as she didn't see that her husband was unhappy and she couldn't do something in order to improve their family life.
You should've noticed that your husband is not satisfied. Anyways you both are guilty and the children suffer most as always.....
By anonymous at 24,Jan,11 20:28

Omg shut the fuck up!!!! U must be a kid "Just a girl"! U really dont know much about this lady about talking about a fault-"ball"! lol Shyt she on here asking for some advise and some of u dummies are attacking her! These folks are not gonna give u good advise. U got a some jerk saying ur (fat) and little girl or a fag saying "the guilty one is the wife"! Only two folks tried to help u out here and now including me. Get advise from another site where there is people going thru the samething.
By anonymous at 08,Feb,11 02:10 Fold Up

Hmm... sounds like someone has been over played and always blamed. You need some help before you actually believe this drivel you have written. OP... pay no mind to this one, they are an idiot.
By anonymous at 28,Apr,13 07:41 Fold Up

Are you retarded??? He is a cheating lowlife and she needs to improve the family life??? Pull your head out of you azzz...

By anonymous at 03,Feb,11 01:03

Yeah. Sorry. That sucks.

Life sucks. :/

By anonymous at 08,Feb,11 02:06

My now ex husband cheated on me through our whole relationship so I know how you feel right now, but know this... you don't need a man like that. Once a cheater always a cheater. Continue going to therapy to work on yourself and talk to a lawyer about getting a divorce. Take the power he holds over you away from him. Nail him for spousal support and child support and make sure you take him to the cleaners.

You can be the strong woman, trust me, it took me forever to get there, but now I am happy in my life, I am getting remarried to a man who loves me dearly and treats my son as if he was his own. It does get better.
By anonymous at 03,Oct,12 15:01

amen, sister

By anonymous at 29,May,11 17:09

I really can't give you definite advice since I do not know you or your husband however, I will say this: He is at fault for not communicating how he felt before this. The new woman is a new relationship and has made him feel young or handsome or valuable again. You married each other because you were both in love. Find that love again and communicate with each other. You have been through a lot together and it would be a shame to throw it all away. That other woman is just a lay. She is nothing. You are his wife. Make him understand that what you have is more important especially for the children. Adults figure things out, children run away. It's time for him to grow up and time for you to find out what he needs that he isn't getting and then give it to him.
By anonymous at 28,Apr,13 07:43

Oh PPPLLLEEAAAZZZEEE...The "man" is a cheating hoe...Let him go..Find a real MAN that keeps it in his pants...

By anonymous at 04,Jun,11 20:55

I myself did get cubby because of my life with my husband. I am depressed because 23 yrs ago we did try to have kids, but the problem was with both of us. He did not want to adopt and did not want to seek help. That is when our marriage started to fall. He promised to call a counseler for help but never did. My mood changes day to day like my weight problem because I am very unhappy. What should I do? I am very unhappy and need help............

By anonymous at 15,Jul,11 06:27

So cruel everyone is yes he cant communicate but if you love someone wont yoy try,to say when you not happy I would never run off with someone other than,my spouse dont listen to the haters why,does it have to be a blame game And why is everthing A womens fault men can beat there,wives and cheat even if the woman is perfect

By anonymous at 26,Sep,11 19:18

Be happy youre free now. Men will ruin your life.
Remember those times when you had to as his "permission"
To go out with the girls or what to do for the kids birthday?
Yeah fuck him. Do what you want and enjoy it.
If not for yourself enjoy it for the rest of us who are stuck in
Lifeless, loveless, nightmare marriages.

By anonymous at 03,Oct,12 14:58

Men are difficult to keep. That is why women turn gay.

By anonymous at 20,Oct,12 21:31

He sucks. Coward. Man up u dog. I told my husband if u f w me ,I will f w ur family and not let it go. Tell me the facts don't betray me or ur sisters will suffer. I'm not need to an up

By anonymous at 30,Mar,13 23:27

Take care of yourself. Been married for 15 years. I hear everything your saying! Get out!!!!! Your kids are worth more!

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