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Why was i even born!!!???

Posted by omgfml at December 11, 2010
Tags: 2010 December  Juvenile problems

Why was i born? why do i live to see another day? why am i ugly? why am i thick, dumb and stupid? why is the only thing im good at is drawing and gaming? why does y dad act like a 14 year old when he's 37 FOR GODS SAKE! why am i a bi sexual? why is it that no one knows about it? why do i fear about myself? why do my friends say they love me, when last week they ditched me at the school cantene? why do i love my best guy mate and i fancy a girl at school? why are all my friends straight apart from me? why am i quiet? why do i hurt myself? why does my heart ache? why do i hate myself? why am i miserable? why do i live? why am i useless? why do i feel like god made me as a puppet to test all the bad things in life one? why am i a attention seeker? WHY WAS I EVEN BORN?!!!


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By BOA at 01,Jan,11 01:02

Instead of why, maybe ask, if there is anyone else in the same situation. You aren't alone. raped at 14, I have been bi all my life, but mostly gay. It's who I am .... I'm ugly, fat, as an adult, my penis is flaccid, maybe an inch long, hard at most three inches long. I'm not quiet, I'm loud, and always seek attention. I even was in a play in the fifth grade, and played annie .... but I am a guy. I was a sickly kid, always sick, my dad called me dumb, and when he found out I was having sex with boys, when I was fifteen, he moved out, not wanting a queer son. So I caused my parents divorce.

I am now 60, I still say I am bi, though haven't been with a woman in years .... and except for the fact that I am now without a lover, I am basically happy. I am still fat, but happy, I am the ugly duckling, as I get older more women find me attractive. my penis never gets hard anymore, and is still 1", my parents have both died, but I have hobbies, talents, (I am an artist), and basically healthy now, and happy ..... I don't know why I was like I was, as a kid, or why I am like I am now, but life has been okay.

By anonymous at 01,Jan,11 06:21

I think you have sorta made your own assumptions on why you ask yourself all of these things. I know it may be hard to be posotive but with the whole school thing and them friends, obv they arnt your true friends and dont be afraid of being yourself... I sometimes may have less friends because i am not afraid of being myself but its better than making an effort to pretend. Being bisexual , there is nothing wrong with that, im sure there are many people out there that are definatly afraid to do the same. You are definatly NOT A PUPPET for testing all the bad things in life :) ... even just working out listening to positive music and reading is great for your own fantasy world :)
" anonymous 1 "
By at 01,Jan,11 10:56

Yes. Why does he question everything he does?
This dude assumes everything in life is a negative.
Quit analyzing and start living.

By anonymous at 01,Jan,11 06:27

First off, Stop labeling yourself and your actions. Your too young to be so sure of who or what you are. Stop judging everything you do then analysing it.(Sorry if any of this offends you btw.) It wont make you happy, instead of think of wat u already have. Remember these are only your friends now. In ten years time u probs wont even remember half of their names. Hope things work out 4 the best. Just try 2 b the best YOU can be and dont judge yourself by other peoples standards

:) cheer up
By at 01,Jan,11 10:56


By anonymous at 01,Jan,11 17:20

Look, I'm sure you're not the only gay or bi student at your school, and there's nothing wrong with being bi. Cheer up

By anonymous at 10,Oct,11 20:34

I feeel the exact same!

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