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Life of crime is not good

Posted by Sara at December 25, 2010
Tags: Crime  2010 December  Justice

I am Sara. I stole cars I would joy ride i taken car like Mercades Lexus BMW and sevral oher high end luxury cars I recked the Lexus. that how I was cuaght I hit a cop car. I was arested and chrged with reckles driving and grand auot theft and i was alo linked to 21 other car thefts and destruction of personal property. Before they put me in jail I was strip searched. the woman gaurd after she closes the door I would half to strip and put my clothes and ligerie in he brown bag. I was then searched and given clothes and I was I would need to wear all three pairs panties socks and bras. they told to take shower and wet my hair then They took on a long walk. to a cell to make sure i di have have sesdease of some kind and you are there for two weeks. I never wen to JV. i soent 10 years in prsion. That was on of the scarey places to be for that many years. The fear of being raped pu tin the hole solitary confinment. I got beat up once by 2 women for no reason. guess who they said sarted i did solitary confinment i was told to strip tom my socks bra and panties before I was in a room by myself. I was cold in there I was for 2 days. Strip searched again a couple becuae of a shake down. do ever got to a life if crime it si ot worth it. Nothing ever comes of it so don't do it.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 12,Jan,11 05:44

I didn't get a damn thing, what are you saying exactly ?! 8O
By anonymous at 12,Jan,11 20:44

English is not my first language but I understood everything Sarah wrote. Read again...

By anonymous at 15,Jan,11 07:39

i wish you the best Sara-
i couldnt imagine what you go through everyday
By Sara at 16,Jan,11 18:50

I have out for two years Iam non parole for any couple of years. They 14 years but I got paroled. I report to my parole when i should and I dohave job working in a fast food joint flipping burgers and I make just enoguht to get by. When the Honda Trnasmission plant opens I will work there and mka to start 15 an hour. In five yars I will 17 an hour. I don't need a diplomia or GED to get a job there but I did get my GED. I did not got work due to the rare snow storm in Georgia we six inchesof and ice on top of that and the roads where slicker than sheets at five star. whe I worked in prison. we would shovel snow on the prison grounds. Like t walk ways and the parking lot. and the area were were to stay while we were out side We shovel that once we had a snow ball fight. we accidentlly hit one of the guards once but she hit us with a snow ball. We did not shvel from that area. we like it when it snowed. but I shoveled mydrive and the city was useless at plowing their strets so I shoveled the street and hurt myself. oing to the hospital to be checked brought back mempries of being strip searched in Prison. Never again.

By anonymous at 04,Feb,11 12:05

I hope you learn somethin its people like you that make my life hard cuz we have to pay for your damn mistakes stop whining and straighten up for a change
By Sara at 17,Feb,11 14:09

I have new beter paying job making trnasmision for Honda cars and vans. the locks are made at diffrent factory. I make the transmission for the Accord Civic and Oddessy. theother cars are made in Iowa. I 15 an hour and 5 for over time. I was able to get my own car aused Lexus like the one I wrecked. I don't hot rod anymore.

By anonymous at 27,Apr,11 00:39

does anybody on these websites know anything about grammar? at least every other post i read is completely screwed up

By anonymous at 26,May,11 00:43

goodness. people can be so mean. who cares if her grammar is hard to understand. she's just trying to get her feelings out.
By anonymous at 26,May,11 00:45

oh by the way sara, i admire you for turning your life around after prison. and thank you for opening up about your experience.

i wish you the best :)

By Gabriela at 05,May,13 18:53

- Jenny these are all so beautiful. What an aazmingly gorgeous mom-to-be. The setting and the processing is like something out of a fairy tail. LOVE theme all (but especially the second one down with all the negative space)!

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