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Very Unhappy

Posted by Lonely Girl at December 26, 2010
Tags: 2010 December  Family

My life sucks and I am not sure what to do about it. I have a step child and husband and ever since we got married a year ago all we did was for that child but three months into the marriage,she started acting up and I got the brunt of it, My husband did not believe me when I told him something was wrong and she need counseling now it has gotten so bad that I just want to disappear...She drives me crazy, she is manipulative and destructive..My husband not sure why but does nothing,,,he thinks talking to her will do the trick but she is only getting bolder with her lies...he has caught her so many times in her lies and still nothing...I am about to walk away from the marriage not because me and my husband are not fitted for each other but because of this child who keeps getting away with doing things and saying things that she is doing clearly delibrately..Even in counseling, she lies or tells half truths...I get so mad when she does her stuff but all my husband concentrates on it how mad I get...I have been dealing with this as of march and I cant take anymore...I am ready to surrender my life instead of living like this...I dont want to just leave cause she will get satisfaction I want her and him to live the rest of their life thinking of how fucked up this whole this was to the point I would rather die


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New Comment

By anonymous at 13,Jan,11 06:32

what else have I to say, your lifesuxbigtime LOL
By anonymous at 13,Jan,11 12:28

WTTF AHhahaha that was funny

By anonymous at 13,Jan,11 09:32

You're learning it the hard way - step parents have no rights to discipline their spouses' kids.

And I hate to say this, but if I were in the girls situation, I'd do the same thing. Once a parent is out of a kid's environment, they usually don't want a replacement. I know, I had two stepdads and I eventually got rid of both of them.
By anonymous at 13,Jan,11 19:54

I agree with that. Stepparents suck.
By anonymous at 14,Jan,11 23:25 Fold Up

The thing is the child has to notice that no one is a replacement for their original parents. If they are good to you, you should show some respect. I would understand if you parent didn't make the step-person position in your life clear or your step-person is not good to you, why one would act with such ignorance.
By anonymous at 15,Jan,11 09:02

Most of the time, the way a step parent acts towards a kid in front of the other parent is the polar opposite of how they treat the kid one-on-one. Step parents usually harbor resentment themselves, because the kid reminds them of their spouse's ex and takes attention away from them.
In my case, I had two psychopath stepfathers one after another. The first one was a real sick son of a bitch and abused me for 6 years before getting caught one day by my mom.
The second one attempted suicide 4 times and blamed it on my presence each time, since I was taking my mom's attention away from him. I was 14 years old.
Fuck step-parenting. If it's not your DNA, leave it alone.
By anonymous at 16,Jan,11 22:07

Hell yeah! Real parents can abuse their children, too, but step-parents are 20x more likely to. Being a step-parent is essentially shitting on the grave of the child's former family.

By anonymous at 13,Jan,11 09:32

whip that azz!
By anonymous at 13,Jan,11 12:28


By anonymous at 13,Jan,11 19:13

Tricky one...but you might be right, something is probably wrong with her.. It will only gets worse as she gets older.. wait till she's 12 or 13.. So, alright her dad wants to close a blind eye on the issues, parents do that sometimes.. but you.. as a sted parent do not have to accept being treated like shit by a spoiled brat. You gotta have a word with your husband, wait a couple of years to see how things go.. If nothing has changed, well you'll have to leave and start a new life. I can only imagine your frustration. And if you and your husband happen to have another child, that step-daughter of yours will become a real psycho.

By anonymous at 14,Jan,11 17:46

start disciplining her then if he won't. my stepdad never hesitated to discipline me and my siblings!

By anonymous at 14,Jan,11 23:30

You need to clearly tell him how you feel. Before you do, put your finances in order. Also, maybe you should suggest to him or try to solve the issue the child has. It obvious something wrong with her and she acting out. What she doesn't know is ruining her dad marriage is something she doesn't want to carry around with her. What ever she is carrying in her heart it is something she can't handle, obviously. If you want to stay, solve the problem.

By anonymous at 15,Jan,11 02:07

You need to have a very serious discussion with your husband. Not a casual chit-chat. A set time to meet, ideally outside your home. During it, be clear that your not going to tolerate her behavior anymore. Either he needs to get on board and you need to parent and discipline her together, or he can be alone. You need to have him agree that you can discipline her- you can remove her cell phone, you can ground her, you can remove whatever other privelleges she might have when she acts improperly. And he ought never intervene or end the punishment on his own. Period. Right now, he is "enabling" her behavior by downplaying it and refusing to discipline. Of all the loves of his life, as his wife, you are first amongst equals. If he can't understand that, walk away.
By anonymous at 16,Jan,11 22:08

Step-parents have no right to discipline their step-children. Step-parents are not family, and do not deserve to be treated as such.

By anonymous at 31,Jan,11 21:48

why should you be having to go through this personal hell for a child that isn't even yours?
if your husband isn't willing to deal with the issue, then he's a pretty shitty husband who isn't worth staying with.

By Lavdi at 07,Mar,13 05:30

I LOVE that you were brave enough to pubilsh this. Too funny!Beth, you make me laugh, you make me cry. You encourage me and I'm sure so many other moms out there. If you can have this much fun and keep and positive outlook with five, certainly I can try to do the same with just two. Thank you so much! I'm not laughing AT you With you. I promise. ;PThank you SO much for your wonderful comment on my blog. And really, thank you for the links you offered too. I've been wondering how I can help more directly and your links are right on the money. I hope I can actually DO something for those in need now that I have that info. So thank you so much.Take care and have a wonderful beautiful sunshiny weekend. TGIF. I'll still be lurking here in the dark shadows of your blog. Hugs to you dear Beth!Holly in Japan

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