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life sucks.

Posted by anonymous at December 29, 2010
Tags: 2010 December  Juvenile problems

whell leats see uhh im 12 i have a creepy father who has to know what were doing at all times and we dont even live together he was abusive twardes my older sister and my mother has thrown apples at my mother for dafending my sister at the age of 3.She had fallen down the staires and could have been killed if it wernt for a single tendon in her neck and when that happend my father had the joy of saying shut the fuck up im trying to sleep.And now i realy on a single being wich is a horse and he is the only reason i am not dead right now and my mother and sister are dragging me into moving to sundre yeah we live on vancuver.My mother,sister and I struggle with faving dapression my mother and sister have meds but i dont want any and my faher just got the devorce papers and is now playing my mom and trying to act like evrything is ok.Not to mention that i dont have anyone who can seem to make my troubles go away my teacher are all mentaly reatarded,beleve me im a smart girl i just dont see the point to trying so my mother thought it would be great to putt me in a *help * class full of real idiots including the so called teacher and i wonder were that old frog got her dagree. And my science and math teacher whell she is constintly bumming me out and likes to putt the pressure on and when she says you can do it i want to say you know teachers have been saying that for years and geuss what it never works.And also they say they care and all i say is no you dont now stop lying the only reason your here is because you get a patcheck every week. And thats how bad my life is and illl see how much worse it can get not to mention i have the worst health teacher yeah she wanted to start off with our life storys i dont realy like people knowing my life so yeah i only did thid=s because you dont know who i am.


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By Angeles at 10,Dec,15 16:31

Schooling isn't required at the age of 4 in California, so you just do weetavhr you want. At the age of 4, it shouldn't be too hard to teach her what most 4yo's learn or practise: colours, counting to 10, start learning to write letters, use scissors, colour, paint You simply decide what the child will learn and do it. There's no hiring somebody (unless you want to), nothing to sign up for

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