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Posted by anonymous at December 30, 2010
Tags: 2010 December  Philosophical

I want to have people's point of view on the fact that if someone just does not care about things, is indifferent towards the world and about most things in general how can karma apply to him. If he does not care and indirectly it brings harm to others he will get bad karma when he does not truly deserve it, hence is karma justice? Also, what is better, doing good deeds by not genuine just trying to score heaven points or to be indifferent but genuine.


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By anonymous at 21,Jan,11 02:24

People say that doing good deeds makes you feel better. If you are posting on a life sucks:loneliness message board, you are obviously not feeling too hot. Maybe, you should start to care, and your world will be a brighter place.

By anonymous at 02,Feb,11 03:06

"[sic] is indifferent towards the world and about most things in general how can karma apply to him."

First of all you must properly define what you mean by "indifferent". One could be very indifferent and yet accrue tons of Karma for themselves. It is not indifference alone that prevents the accumulation of Karma. If you mean someone who doesn't help anything or anyone, for example, even when they could help and when their helping would be beneficial in the situation, then that's not indifference. If you could, for example, save a kid who's drowning, but chose to do nothing out of "indifference" then that will veer closer toward a type of possible malice that will indeed have significant karmic repercussions. It will result in the opposite of what you intend.

The key is to have as much compassion as possible in life, but NO ATTACHMENT to your actions. In other words, be the type of person who acts with the type of compassion that will return the lost wallet full of cash to its rightful owner, but doesn't expect a reward and doesn't feel upset or vengeful when one is not given; the type of person who donates $20,000 (or 20 million) to a charity, but doesn't care one moment for having their name mentioned in the newspaper because of it.

THAT is the type of indifference that will have less karmic repercussions. This is because Karma is the result of ego-based activity. The more ego based and selfish are your actions, the more Karma you will accumulate. Therefore, help everyone (a thing which does not require indifference), but don't be emotionally expectant or attached to anyone or any action.

Much easier said than done, but this helps lead toward a level of consciousness that expands beyond the tiny, personal ego and spreads out toward the divine (God).

By anonymous at 03,Apr,11 10:42

karma is like god or good and evil or luck...made up... these are just concepts that would not exist without a mind to comprehend them

By Syed at 20,Jul,15 08:19

This is very disheartening to hear. I guess I slduhon't be surprised though. I attended a so called Catholic high school where I had to stop girls who were having sex from going up to receive communion at mass and tell them that they were in mortal sin. What age were these kids? Do parents just not know their faith anymore or do they just choose not to teach it and live it? Or perhaps a combination of the two?

By Tomomi at 10,Dec,15 16:33

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By Chuckles at 20,May,16 05:50

hey tios, q longboard, me recondais si soy amater??? soy nuevo y creo q me ha gusaodt…asiq, voy a pillar una, pero tampoco, damasiado cara, consejos, gracias

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