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hate my life

Posted by fuck my life at January 11, 2011
Tags: Family  2011 January  Juvenile problems

hi my mom called me ugly and now i'm depressed!!!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 01,Feb,11 11:19

That was literally, the most pathetic thing I've ever heard in my life. I almost laughed. Seriously. You see stories of people with abusive parents, money issues, and all that. Troll perhaps?

By anonymous at 01,Feb,11 18:46

You're right....But in fact it doesn't matter. Allow me to explain : sometimes, a really small and insignfiant thing could make you terribly suffer. Terribly, and even if it seems really silly, that doesn't mean that the suffering is not real...
By anonymous at 01,Feb,11 19:58

Well, (author of the first comment here), suffering and well as joy are based on its contrast to what one is used to, that means this person obviously had a perfect life beforehand or something. I've been called worse things more often, I hate it, but that alone isn't enough to depress me. My depression is from a lot of things, and I know many others on this site have had it much worse, but still, being called ugly once by your mom is practically nothing.

By anonymous at 01,Feb,11 20:36

thats fuckd up
By Person-Tired-Of-Ppl-Like-You at 07,Feb,11 20:23

No, it's not. Something like that can really destroy a person..

By anonymous at 02,Feb,11 17:15

i feel so sorry for you its almost like me

By anonymous at 05,Feb,11 00:30


By anonymous at 05,Feb,11 08:53

it doesn't matter.. but... are you ??? you feel so ??? then may be you are..

By anonymous at 07,Feb,11 13:26

ur mom call u ugly and u are depressed!!!!
be sure if u are beauty (im sure u are) no one can change it!

By Venom at 10,Feb,11 11:09

Well I ate poison at lunch and now I have a stomachach lol

By someone you don't know at 24,Feb,11 22:23

you fucking pussy get over it

By Discount OEM Software at 07,Mar,12 15:48

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