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Posted by anonymous at January 12, 2011
Tags: Abuse  Family  2011 January  Juvenile problems

i am a sixteen year old girl and i just want to say that my life sucks too! my dad used to beat me up and now i dont see him anymore so i dont even have a dad now cuz my mum and him divorced last year cuz he cheated on her for over ten years and i have like twenty half brothers and sisters and i was the one to find out by seeing disgusting pics and stuff he sent to women. and all the time he used to beat me up my mum would do nothing. he almost killed me once when he locked me in the snow and ice in the moors (i live in england) with no shoes socks etc and i got hypothermia :( even though i dont see him he doesnt care or try to see me. my brother is just like my dad: lier manipulating mean and a coward as he only picks on girls or people younger than him and the worst thing is, while he is making my life miserable now, my mum believes every word he says and never believes me :( she thinks hes perfect! grr! also i just wanted to say hi to tyler who posted on here earlier and to say im really sorry about your heart and diabetes and everything but you sound really nice and i wish i was friends with you! :) xxx


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By anonymous at 01,Feb,11 12:14

^^ but u have a positive attitude!

By anonymous at 02,Feb,11 01:28

You sound like a sweet smart girl! Hold your head up. I know what it's like to have a mom who always put a man before you, and a dad that is twisted. I met my dad when i was 14 and didn't see him alot till i was about 20. It was better not to know him cause he then molested my daughter from the time she was 7 till 10 when i found out. my mom was a drunk that would go out every night and bring home strange men and have sex with them some times right next to me. So I'm sorry you feel the way you do just hang in there cause you will find happiness later.

By anonymous at 04,Feb,11 04:22

Hi,ive just read this and it brought a tear to my eye, my father never came to my birth was out gettin pissed, never treated me like anormal child or i ever wanted was a normal dad who took there son to the beach wanted to do things not treat it like a habbit, then my father asked me to water plants of course anything to please him when i was 6 8 years later i find out they were cannibis plants. that killed me inside he wasnt asking me to do it out of love he wanted me to do it because he was to fucking lazy too it went on and on, now i bought my first car im nearly 18, i was like hey dad look at my car hes like its shit wtf did u want tht, always bags it out, im like well thnx i was soo excited but he jus made me look like a fuck wit. i dont hate him as he had a rough child hood to, im not good at much my freinds always rip me off as a joke they love me byt yeah i have low self esteem and yeah i could go on and on
i hope ur ok and i hope u get better
Much love :) :) :)

By anonymous at 05,Feb,11 10:52

You sound like an awesome person, I'm truely sorry about your situation, HANG IN THERE!!! You'll get tjrough it! God Bless!!

By at 06,Feb,11 05:51

Your dad didn't beat you nearly hard enough. You're still breathing after all.
By anonymous at 07,Feb,11 16:49

Want me to demonstrate how hard he "should" have? On you? Cunt.
By anonymous at 13,Feb,11 05:42 Fold Up

Your pathetic polyhead, grow up. or il have u killed
By anonymous at 13,Feb,11 05:43 Fold Up

by ur father after he fucks u stupid

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