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I hate my life!

Posted by gregshecki at January 16, 2011
Tags: Attitude  2011 January  Mistakes

I am 29 years old illegal allien in the united states.
When i left my country for the U.S, i thought the first thing i was going to do is going to school, unfortunatly not because you need such papers or documents to get colleges or universities.
I stayed for years without document, i didn't get chance to go to school, completing a high school diploma or GED for the entry of college or universty.
My life starts sucking.
Now i feel like i have no education, no skill, having difficulty with social skills like making friends, going out with friends or girls.
I just stay home in front of my gadgets, because i own tons of gadgets specially apple products what i love, i spend all my money on gadgets, i can't go back in my country right away because i don't have any qualification over there and it's one of the country more corrupted in the world and poverty is over there, seriously my family is ok, but me i feel scare to go back.
If i wake up in the morning i feel like the world is too scary for me, i feel nervous quickly, sometimes i don't even want to talk to people, specially work place, because it's one of the worst job in the planet, do this, go there, bring this because you don't have any skill, they just using you, treathing me like a garbage.
At 29 years old i got my life like that, i don't think i will make the rest of my life.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 07,Feb,11 21:33

I feel sorry for you OP. At the same time, you don't belong in that country. You are there illegally. Did you think that you could just magically go to school without the proper paperwork? NEWSFLASH: the world runs on having the correct paperwork. It's a huge pain in the ass, but everyone must comply, did you think you were special and above the system? If you don't go back home and get your shit together you life will continue to suck big time.

By anonymous at 08,Feb,11 07:48

dont listen to the faggot above me. there is no such thing as "illegal immigrant". Man-made borders are illegal if anything.

As for fearing the world being too scary and you not being able to deal with it. Remember, you have already spent 29 yrs of your precious existence here. How bad can it get? Its a temporary existence. Instead of fearing the world, enjoy the now forget everything else.
By anonymous at 09,Feb,11 03:48

You're a fool and you know it. Man-made things are real because they have laws and police to back them up. Quit huffing glue and join the real world you fucking moron.
By anonymous at 09,Feb,11 03:56 Fold Up

Maybe in hippy land this advice would suffice, but in the real world it isn't practical. "Man-made borders are illegal is anything" Are you stupid or what? Try telling that to the IMS. We'll see if they agree. "How bad can it get?" Spoken like a true sheltered momma's boy. It can get horrible for some people. Not everyone can just "enjoy the now", some people must support a family or do things they don't want to. You sound like a typical spoiled brat little bitch.
By Venom at 18,Feb,11 03:21

Omg the guy is tryin to help u idiots, something u've never tried to do before
Stop talkin shit idiots, and let others say what they think, TROLLS

By anonymous at 09,Feb,11 04:21

Who told u to leave ur place to begin with ! sorry but only fools leave their places for "Better Things", "for having huge parties", "for having sex with everygirl you can meet", that's the problem, ppl think if they leave their contry, they'll get better, but worse, they think they'll get a better life.
Better life is where you come from, with your people, damn it, immigrants risk their lives, and their money, just to see something new, but when they get where they wanted to go, they find nothing new.
My advice to you, get yourself together, make some money, go back to your contry, and make something useful for yourself, you won't find any good think in the US, I've been there (ligally tho, my jobs needs me to go different places), anyway the point is, I don't wanna offend americans, but for someone who's been to different places and seen different people, I think my homeland is by far much better in my opinion than USA, even tho we have corruption ect... ect... but still, u know what I mean
Best luck to u, and I wish from all my heart you could get over this, I know that feels like the most terrible mistake ever made, but believe me, it gets easier
By anonymous at 09,Feb,11 19:00

Funny, you say your homeland has more opportunity than the USA, but you fail to list it. Perhaps because you're full of shit.
By Venom at 10,Feb,11 11:06

I think he said "in my opinion" and I don't think they both come from the same contry.
Well whatever, he made a point though
By anonymous at 10,Feb,11 19:28

So what if he said "in my opinion" that doesn't mean a damn thing you fucking fool!!
By Venom at 15,Feb,11 03:34

I love the way ppl start callin "fool" everybody who's better than them at analysing, Go grap a penis-shaped cooky and try not to joke, idiot

By anonymous at 09,Feb,11 09:28

Send me an email....u need to cheer up dude! Ksaykey at gmail...dont be chicken...turn this boat around talk to me
By anonymous at 09,Feb,11 19:00

I've read a few of your messages, you come off as a weirdo.
By anonymous at 10,Feb,11 12:52 Fold Up

might as well dial 1-800-pedobear

By anonymous at 10,Feb,11 17:54


By anonymous at 10,Feb,11 19:28

Deport yourself you taco muncher! Go back to spicland!
By Venom at 18,Feb,11 03:18

Kill your ass ?!

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