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wow life sucks lately

Posted by johnnyD at January 25, 2011
Tags: Family  Friendship  2011 January  Juvenile problems

My mom practically kicked my ass out of the house before I even hit 13, and I never even met my dad. My only friend till I was 10 was the fagoot prick next store who was always beating the **** out of me and telling me I wasn't worth Its not even like I had a choice, the town ****ing had something like 9 people living in it, I lie to you not. My entire adolescence as just moving around from place trying to get along with people who didn't even want me.

You think that's the worst? My only friend was an Asian guy in his thirties or something, who only kept me around because he thought I could help him get laid. The only perk was that I also got to hang around with this cute ginger chick, she was flat as a pancake sure, but damn she was a total nymph. She must hace been a sadist or something cause she always took pleasure in hitting me and telling me how she loved to get wet.

But dear god the bane of my existence was this adult couple that I coud NOT seem to avoid. You know these types of couples that are absolutely sickening, like they wear matching outfits and finish each other's sentences? Yeah they were ****ing creepers, and they had a cat, wich was at least twice as annoying as they were, I swear this thing would never shut the **** up.

Like I said I ended up moving from town to town getting into fights with others kids my age, even adults from time to time.
The only thing that kept me going was my dream to become a pokemon master.


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New Comment

By at 22,Feb,11 23:13

Yea that does, everyone hates me but yours, yours sucks man, wish i could help...

By anonymous at 24,Feb,11 00:19

lol almost made my day with you last line, gl on catching em all, ash ketchup.
By anonymous at 24,Feb,11 00:21

also the asian guy is like in his 50s not 30s, staying with your mom(ash's mom), maybe his your father who knows or just a pimp breeding pokemons.

By anonymous at 24,Feb,11 01:09


By anonymous at 24,Feb,11 21:43

thats the most hilarious story i ever heard.

By anonymous at 25,Feb,11 15:07





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