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i hate my fucking life.....

Posted by Laura at January 26, 2011
Tags: 2011 January  Job  Relationship

I hate my fucking life because i am thirty seven years old and never done anything with it. i recently lost my job because i said some shit i didnt mean out of anger, (as if freedom of speech isnt allowed) i didnt even say it to the boss, i said it to a co-worker that has said the same shit to me except she went and told on me. I have three kids, and my daughter is in a mental istitution my oldest is a low life dead beat, and my youngest likes to fuck with people all the time and make everyone feel sorry for him. The man i have been with for the last nine years secretly is still in love with his first crush and he has become distant and doesnt want to have sex with me anymore, and recently she posted on her facebook she is single again... and things between me and him constantly get worse and worse since then. And he doesnt have the balls to admit to me the truth and when i tell him to get the fuck out, he wont leave. Ive tried calling the law to have him removed and they basically told me it was my problem and i should get over it. Also he hid her number under his sisters contact information in his phone, after i caught it under his cousins contact number and called him out on it. yet he continues to actually try to get me to believe he isnt hiding anything from me.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 25,Feb,11 02:41

Your a loser hahahahahahahahaa.
By at 25,Feb,11 03:26

shut the f*ck up.
what do u know about these problems??

Im really sorry for u

By at 25,Feb,11 14:35

U never sed where u live?? U shouldnt take ur anger with ur husband out on ur kids. U prob dun realise ur doin it but, becoz their part ov him ur subconsiously doin it.
>>Try kickin ur deadbeat husband 2 the kerb & threaten 2 eitha, cut up his clothes or burn his stuff if he dun f**k off (2 eitha his mammy or his 1st luv coz he's wastin ur {& his own} time by stayin)..
Then get ur oldest, to find a job (or he cun go wiv the deadbeat dad cuz they sound like they suit each otha).. I feel 4 u & 4 ur institutionalised daughter & 4 woteva it woz that u've ad 2 put up wiv from her (mental health runs in my family, & BELIEVE ME IT IS DIFFICULT).. & 4 ur own sake I "PRAY & HOPE" that by changing ur life in this way that things will improve 100% 4 ur youngest & then he won't feel like he NEEDS any attention from anybody.. >>GOOD LUCK! x

By anonymous at 13,May,11 11:54

I am a mom to 2 boys ages 19 and 23...they were not born that way bitch! My boys are awesome because I am an awesome MOM! YOU ARE NOT AND SHOULD HAVE CPS CALLED ON YOU! You are one of those people that plop out a baby and ignore them for the rest of their life, when you are supposed to mold and create them into decent citizens that produce good things for our country. YOU have the balls to whine! What a piece of shi#$%#
By anonymous at 10,Apr,13 20:34

Yea... you sound like an "awesome mother" Fucking Bitch is more like it. Produce good things for our country? LOL are you also retarded?

By anonymous at 09,Sep,11 08:57

leave him! if you can't get him to leave, then leave him. go somewhere else. leave the state. he is a cheat, once a cheat always a cheat. he does not respect you, leave him!

i know you don't have a job or money. you can over come that problem.

the great thing about kids, when the turn 18 they are legal adults. cut the apron strings. kick them to the curb, or better yet leave them with the cheat.

i wish i had your e-mail address. i would like to chat with you. i would give you mine, but i worry that some of the other nice people that commented on your problem may want to chat with me.

By anonymous at 23,Dec,11 07:01

just be strong and kick him out, you don't need low lifes like him wasting your time. You only live once why be sad?? I'm very sorry about your daughter who is in a mental institution, there's not much you can do about that. But as for the other two give them a wake up call and tell them to get off their arses! Be a strict mother until they listen to you! Oh, and find a job a.s.a.p if you havent already.

Good luck, I wish you all the very best :) I will have you in my prayer tonight

By anonymous at 02,Jan,12 20:30

grow the fuck up

By anonymous at 13,Nov,12 18:17

Update im 39 in less than a month! Sounds good but evil will not win

By Mahalia at 15,May,17 01:34

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