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Wasted Life

Posted by Wannabe lawyer at January 26, 2011
Tags: Attitude  Failure  2011 January  Mistakes

I wouldn't listen to anyone when I was a kid, so I first ran off and joined the Navy at 18 instead of studying hard in high school and going straight to college. I came back home after I got out and started school, but I had a nervous breakdown and dropped out of college and didn't work for three years. My mom had me locked up several times during this period I guess she got tired of my drunk ass bumming around her house all the time. Finally went back to school. Joined the National Guard, but punked out in basic so i wouldn't have to quit school and go to Iraq. Finally finished school last year - at 30 - with a useless BA in Political Science that I only got so I could apply to law school. Didn't get in to law school last year so I'm trying again this year. Sounds great, right? Wrong. I'll be graduating three years from now with a LOT of student loans and no money and maybe no job. Ive been depending on my mother a lot recently (who am I kidding, my whole life, practically) since I blew my inheritance from my dad, I have no money at all. I got married in October to a wonderful woman, who stays pissed off at me constantly because I can't quit smoking and who is beginning to find out what an unemployable loser she married. My mom can't afford to support me since she has to take care of my autistic sister and my niece and she's about to retire this May (she's a teacher). I came into this world with everything but I didn't know what I had, and now I'm struggling. My life sucks. Sometimes I just pray to God that I would die.


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By anonymous at 24,Feb,11 11:54

I went through similar stuff. Gave up a free semester at a sweet New England school to drive myself out to the desert, do dope and "study" writing. Nervous breakdown ensued, lived with Mom and worked minimum wage jobs for a couple years. I finally went back to school, got my business degree. Still struggling to support myself but you gotta start somewhere man, otherwise it's just going to get harder. You need to work on personal development and build your own foundation. It sucks, its a lot of work but it needs to be done or you'll lose more than you thought you had, I promise.

By Finch at 15,May,17 01:33

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