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fucked up night

Posted by Roman at December 7, 2009
Tags: Bad Luck  December 2009  Justice

I had the worse day of my life EVER. Around 9 pm i finisshed my shift. Me and my body bought MG's. We decided to "hang out" at the park. The police enforcement ended up citeing me for possesion of alcohol beverage.Im 20 years old, 2 months away from my birthday and im about to get FUCKED by the law. This type of charge is misdemeneor unless i get a lawyer i try to fight for it.
Im full time student and a full time security guard... hmm now i gotta to spend some money on my lawyer and my ticket...m-xman to mee!!!!!!!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 16:23

Fucked by the law, or fucked yourself?
You knew you were under age.
Sorry no sympathy for you. Sympathy for the people in Haiti and Sudan.

By anonymous at 25,Mar,10 23:08

You did this to yourself. Man Up!!!!
By anonymous at 15,Sep,10 23:06

Spell it out: Im breaking the law in public ,will I get caught?PROBABLY YES.

By anonymous at 20,Aug,11 10:15

i dont get why you got arrested?

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