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It's not me

Posted by anonymous at January 30, 2011
Tags: Attitude  2011 January  Philosophical  Society

It's the world.

The world is full of ambitionless fucktards who believe that their life's goal is to own a car, work a job that they hate, and do things because they're told to. No one ever considers ripping up the current system to replace it with something that works, because everyone is too concerned with their own immeadiate survival to think rationally about the way we live.

I work as hard as I possibly can, only to know that when I'm done my work I'll be dilluted to the lowest common denominator. Sex, Beer, and Advertising.

I would love to have sex with a woman, but they're psychotic and opportunistic. Yes, moreso than men. I have to live with a sense of shame and guilt because women get together and collectively squwak out the evils that men had done against them. My cock has never touched what lay beyond a pair of pants. Not even a mouth. And I am immeadiately "that asshole".

I grow tired of convincing others that life is worth pursuing passionately, or that gaining talent takes effort and time. Instead I listen to worthless leeches tell me that I'm just "special", or "gifted", which seems to serve as a justification for their mediocrity, and their demand that I constantly help them with things they would be capable of if they weren't lazy morons. Their calling me "gifted" seems to lessen the value of the work I've done to be what I am.

Every day I partake in the use of a shitty broken system that someone got paid to make. This system only remains in place because people are too fucking stupid to understand that things could be better. I have no choice in using these systems.

I hate nearly the whole fucking lot of you. You make my life shit.


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By anonymous at 28,Feb,11 07:04

I feel the same way 100% that life has become to 'broken' and everyone is to lazy to fix it, flawd laws values morals rules dictate what we do and think and its "to hard" to change cuz "thats just the way life is"

i have been told that "thats just the way life is" to many times and all i try to do in these discussions i have with people is to try to make them answer why?

everything comes to an end they say hopefully humans wise up and change or die off and make room for a more intelligent species

By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 15:28

And we hate you right back you gigantic piece of shit. You probably like your mouth to touch alot of cocks you fucking queer cocksucking bitch.

And if the system is sooo broken as you claim that it is then why arent you working to fix it you asshole?

Go back to your trust fund you pussy.

By anonymous at 11,Jan,12 16:30

If you are as smart as you say then fix whatever you think is broken and try to find ways to convince other people to do the same. You say people already come to you for help. That should really say something to you. It isn't that they are lazy, they look to YOU for guidance. We are all in the ship together and we owe it one another to help those in the darkness. If you see a better way, pursue it, and encourage others to do the same.

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