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life sucks

Posted by f;lskjdf;kj at February 2, 2011
Tags: Attitude  2011 February  Racial

life sucks im black and i have the most discusting hair!! its nappy and discusting i dont have a job and want one really bad im depressed all the time and have not accomplished one thing in my life as far as education,financial or social sucks becuase of so many things especially when your hair is always unmanagable and you have no money or tools to fix it i hate myself like 45 percent of the time and life just sucks! fuckin hate myself....i have had lots of mental and verbal abuse in my life and have a fiance that will more than likely murder me soon!! what a great life


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New Comment

By anonymous at 03,Mar,11 02:23

Sounds like you may feel a little unsafe in your relationship. Trust me, you will not want to marry this person. I was with a guy like this where I felt unsafe before. Most likely, you may be afraid to leave. Just have a plan, in case you do, like somebody to call when it/if it happens. As far as your other problems, Im not sure why we are here on this earth, and I am still trying to figure this out. I am 26 years old, and have wasted so much time being uphappy, and for what??? What is the point? II think it is individual, what will make us happy in ilfe. For some of us, it may be helping others, or some of us, it may be having children, etc.

By anonymous at 12,Oct,11 19:29

quit whining about your hair.

By anonymous at 28,Feb,12 13:53

whatever, you have a fiance? so what are you sucks when you have nothing, not when your socially accepted and have a fiance.

By anonymous at 13,Mar,12 15:21

all you niggers are the same... GET OFF YOUR SOAP BOX!!

By anonymous at 29,Nov,12 05:41

I am white, my hair are unmanagable too and on my forehead i got almost no hair left, as far as social, financial issues go I didn't accomplish anything either, and I am 25 year old guy sitting on my computer all day killing time all day every day. Good luck and enjoy yourself.

By anonymous at 28,May,13 06:44

If you are having problems with your hair, there are hair care forums for black women on the internet. I know what its like to have disgusting hair. The black females I grew up with had no idea how to care for black hair. Back then, most of them were bald and/or had the nappiest hair. That's how my almost came out. But luckily I have thick hair and was able to better care for it. Thanks to these hair care forums, mr hair is very healthy and pretty. Good luck.

By anonymous at 28,May,13 06:50

About this fiance, is he being abusive towards you? Why marry him? Sounds like you should get away from him.

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