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Posted by Jimm at February 5, 2011
Tags: Attitude  2011 February  Juvenile problems

My life basically sucks like shit. I'm ugly, i glasses, i'm not good academically, not good in sports so i hate everything about me. I have a group of friends but somehow they don't seem too like my presence when i'm with them. My ex gf dumped me because i was really annoying and now we don't even talk to each other anymore because everytime i say hi she'll end up saying i'm annoying. I just wish that someday God would make things right for me. Cuz life right now is literally not worth living.


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By anonymous at 04,Mar,11 02:51

hey dude hang in there my life sucks to im ugly short and yeahh i got alot wrong with me as well...

By anonymous at 04,Mar,11 03:12

fuck you people have bigger problems.

By anonymous at 06,Mar,11 20:24

Hey there, listen to me, your teenage years are ALWAYS the hardest. We ALL go thru them and think our life sucks at the time. You are so young and life WILL get better. I know it's hard to believe me, but I know what I'm talking about. You are so young, and you only have a few more years until highschool is over and all that BS is over. Just stick it out. Also, I PROMISE you something...all those "good looking" guys will get fat in 10 years and all the "geeky, skinny, pimply" kids will grow out of the pimples, and grow into themselves. I can't tell you how many old classmates I see on facebook that used to be just like you that are now not only really good looking but also super rich and successful. Just stick it out, hit the gym. Change what you can, like getting in super great shape (girl's love that and ANYONE can get into shape if they try hard enough) I know this sounds silly, but i'm just trying to give you something to focus on. Focus on working out, it will not only get you in shape, but mentally make you start feeling better too. then all those girls will be asking YOU out! I KNOW what I'm talking about!!! I've seen it happen so many times!!! PLEASE trust me and don't do anything like suicide. I went thru the same stuff when I was a kid and wanted to die and stuff, but I stuck it out and am living such a great life. I used to be overweight in highschool and guys didn't pay me any attention and actually made fun of me. My mom was psycho and my dad left her. I stuck it out and now am happily married, own my own business and make lots of money, take trips around the world with my husband, and we are both smokin' hot now!! I lost the weight :)
So just stick it out...high school SUCKS!!!! College is AMAZING! DO anything you can to go if nothing but for the experience. You'll have a much bigger pool of friends to choose from and won't have to deal with jerks messing with you and everyone is just so much cooler. High school kids are petty and cruel and stupid. Please believe me, we've all been there :) good luck! Don't give up on life!!

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