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I've come to the end of the road.

Posted by anonymous at February 9, 2011
Tags: 2011 February  Loneliness  Unemployment

My life is crap. I have no friends, no one calls, no one wants to know me and I don't know what I've done. I'm 30, have no job, no boyfriend, no friends and a mortgage and bills to pay. My ex has taken up with a girl half his age and our unborn child is dead.I think about it every day. I have nothing left, no one to count on, no one to talk to and nowhere left to go. I was fired from my last job for having depression, only to find out that the position has now been filled by a friend who has moved from another company to take up my job! People don't reply to my calls, texts or emails and I just don't know what I've done. I might as well be dead as I appear to have ceased to exist to anyone. I can't even properly cry anymore. I'm just numb. I really hate existing. I try to be positive but it never works out and I always end up getting screwed over by those I trust. I wish my life could be bright and happy again and full of friends but I feel as though I have a big sign on my head that says don't go near her she's weird or as if someone has spread rumours about me because this much rejection all at once isn't normal. I'm not a horrible person, but I feel like a social leper. It's awful. I thought I was through with being bullied and excluded. The way I see it, it's never going to end.


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By anonymous at 05,Mar,11 13:11


I have been dealing several such cases and would be more than happy to help you.
Trust me I wont charge you.

you can mail me at

God Bless.

By anonymous at 05,Mar,11 20:24

Hey email me @ I will be your listening ears. Treat me as an anonymous friend cos I know that loneliness sucks.I have been through that...

By at 06,Mar,11 06:28

I am in a very similar situation like you. No job, no friends , no relationships. Right now my parents are giving me money for food,clothing and pay the bills but when they die I don't know what will I do. I really hate for being alive. With each passing day things are worse and worse for me. I thought of killing myself but I don't like to go to hell. I wish there was a way to end this miserable life. And in the moment I also suffer from the broken heart syndrome. A very important relationship that I had ended just 3 weeks ago. Nothing good ever happens to me. I just want to die or to be killed - whatever comes first :(

By anonymous at 22,Mar,11 14:50

Woman your story is horrific.
I wish I could swop souls, fix it up and swop back. Dang.
So we will do it this way instead. Okay first things first.
You got fired for having depression. How disgusting are people? A real director would call you into his office and help you, not fire you. Lady if I was your boss I would give you a raise, a promotion and a personal masseur. If she is a true friend I doubt it was her intention to take your job. Wish her well, she probably needs it because the previous asset who held that position is no longer there.
You have not come to the end of the road but a T-junction.
Left is death. Right is life.
I believe that trying to be positive is the biggest load of nonsence I have ever heard. How can a person try to be positive? Lets look at your situation first before we endevour in the positive outlook shall we.
You are been ignored, people don't reply back to you.
Lady I think Somebody else is waiting for your call. I also bet He's the one number you have not dialed. I doubt there is a human out there who has a heart big enough or capable to help you out of your dilemma.
In fact you don't need anyone now. You don't need friends and you certainly don't need your ex.
I put my money on it that if Eve didn't eat that apple, man you and I could be in Hawai drinking pina coladas.
Now heed my words.
Jesus said:" If you wish to walk with Me pick up your cross and walk." Now you can't pick up the cross.
You can't pick it up cause you first got to find it.
Lady you got to get down on your hands and knees, and pray to Jesus Christ, not beg, pray and for His help.
There is a price. Funny. God does nothing for free, fortunately His price costs not a cent but your faith in Him. Here: say we family. I'm your couzin. You ask me to watch your house while you away. I say sure you say great. You don't worry because you trust me, you have faith that I will do as you asked for. Well same applies with God. Believe me when I say I swear I want to help you, alas I am unable to. God will if you but just ask and have faith. Faith, faith, faith lady faith.
I just prayed for you, don't make me waste them or I will come over and shave your head.
Lady find God, with tearful eyes I beg of you please find Him, in fact He is probably waiting for you right now, so what are you waiting for? Super man, pfff.

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