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Posted by shaheyar at February 11, 2011
Tags: 2011 February  Juvenile problems

im 15 soon to be 16 in march
my dad is an abusive alcoholic
my mom is too forgiving
i no longer have any real friends
the only thing that i feel has ever truly cared for me is my pet cat and he was killed by 2 fucking dogs yesterday
i am a failure in ALL subjects at school
and all the girls think im ugly and disgusting because i have a lot of acne and oily skin (ive tried every thing
i want to commit suicide but always get scared at the last minute


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By anonymous at 06,Mar,11 17:28

Hey shaheyar

I don't have any answers for you and i can't really offer any help... But please don't feel that suicide is the only way out... Things are not always the best for myself... but i figure there's gotta be a happy ending to this long story and i guess i'm determined to get there... Life has alot of ups and downs, things might not get better any time soon but one day you might look back and be happy that you choose to live. It might not be much encouragement but i'll keep you in my prayers. Please don't give up.

By anonymous at 06,Mar,11 19:56

Hey there, listen to me, your teenage years are ALWAYS the hardest. We ALL go thru them and think our life sucks at the time. You are so young and life WILL get better. I know it's hard to believe me, but I know what I'm talking about. You are so young, and you only have 3 more years until you can move out of your house away from your bad family situation. 3 years at your age goes by sort of slow, but once you hit 25 life will fly by! Just stick it out. Also, I PROMISE you something...all those "good looking" guys will get fat in 10 years and all the "geeky, skinny, pimply" kids will grow out of the pimples, and grow into themselves. I can't tell you how many old classmates I see on facebook that used to be just like you that are now not only really good looking but also super rich and successful. You are just going thru puberty (sorry but it's true) and it just messes all your hormones up and that's what the pimples are about. They'll go away, I PROMISE!!!! Just stick it out, hit the gym, get started getting ready to be a hot man and not a pimply boy :) Change what you can, like getting in super great shape (girl's love that and ANYONE can get into shape if they try hard enough) and then one summer your hormones will settle down and your pimples will clear up b/c your done with going thru puberty and you will be a stud since you worked out and now your face is cleared up too!! I know this sounds silly, but i'm just trying to give you something to focus on. Focus on working out, it will not only get you in shape, but mentally make you start feeling better too. then all those girls will be asking YOU out! I KNOW what I'm talking about!!! I've seen it happen so many times!!! PLEASE trust me and don't do anything like suicide. I went thru the same stuff when I was a kid and wanted to die and stuff, but I stuck it out and am living such a great life. I used to be overweight in highschool and guys didn't pay me any attention and actually made fun of me. My mom was psycho and my dad left her. I stuck it out and now am happily married, own my own business and make lots of money, take trips around the world with my husband, and we are both smokin' hot now!! I lost the weight :)
So just stick it out...high school SUCKS!!!! College is AMAZING! DO anything you can to go if nothing but for the experience. You'll have a much bigger pool of friends to choose from and won't have to deal with jerks messing with you and everyone is just so much cooler. High school kids are petty and cruel and stupid. Please believe me, we've all been there :) good luck! Don't give up on life!!

By anonymous at 07,Mar,11 05:18

we all had acne!!
dont be sad... you are teenager, so its completely normal.
u are just like most of the people all over the world.

By anonymous at 07,Mar,11 11:07

i am happy you chickened out.please don't ever go there again i lost my son to suicide and my life ended with his.

By anonymous at 07,Mar,11 15:34

Our younger years can be quite difficult and kids nowadays can be quite cruel. I am now 33, but when i was in grade school I had no friends, I was teased horribly and nothing much changed when I went into High School. I wish I could go back and change how I reacted to the way people treated me but all I can do is be different now. I can say there were a couple times where I got so depressed that I just wanted out but I am glad and thankful now that I didn't take that route.
You were created on this earth for a purpose, you have meaning, dignity and value. Please don't give up.
I also am very sorry about your cat. I had a pet when I was younger who was killed by a car and it was difficult. Time can only heal those wounds. Look up and know, you are loved!

By anonymous at 07,Mar,11 16:19

I am so sorry my life suckes too, I am 43 living in my bosses house a room. I have nothing. I hope things get better for u at least ur young.

By anonymous at 08,Mar,11 00:48

Sweetie, I can totally relate to your story. I am now 42, but at 15 I lived with an alcoholic mother and got pregnant. The father of the baby got killed and I tried to commit suicide, I came close. After all that, I lost the baby, became addicted to drugs. I am now clean and just completed a bachelor's degree in psychology. Take it from me, everything happens for a reason, even if we never find the logic behind the reasoning. Just as I tell my 10 year old daughter, after high school you will not see those people again, so it doesn't really matter. Stick it out and see what is in store for your life. I have lived a life of total hell, and I still have life problems, but I honestly have to say, it was all worth it, because of the lessons I learned. Don't try to kill yourself, you are worth so much more alive than dead, you can not offer the world your goodness if you are not in it.

By at 08,Mar,11 05:08

Relax dude. I am of the same age as u and I can tell u my life sucks a lot more than u! I have been through embarassment, mental torture(severe depression), loneliness(which i still am experiencing), lousy grades,verbal bully, helplessness, hatred, jealousy etc etc. I won't suicide because I know there is a purpose in life. My purpose in life is to become a doctor and help god to do good things like saving people's life and I also wanna travel around the world and enjoy the lone. This is my aim in life, and my current goal is to study real hard, try to make as many friends and be happy. What's yours?

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