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What a crock

Posted by anonymous at February 28, 2011
Tags: 2011 February  Meaninglessness  Philosophical

As far as I can tell God isn't real, so as far as I know heaven isn't, either. And if God is real, I can't have faith in him, because it's obvious it's not the God the Christians taught me about, but some kind of asshole deity that likes to see us suffer, and/or uses our suffering as some kind of sick example. Since I lack this faith, on the off-chance God was real, I'd be going to hell anyway.

Which means all I have is, most likely, well under 80 years on some random rock in space, like some kind of bacteria growing on a rotten fruit in a bucket. Purposeless and meaningless, grasping for any happiness that can be found, which are few. Clawing and fighting just to maintain anything resembling a "life", always running into walls. And this is when I'm actually one of the lucky ones, to live in one of the better countries on this earth.

To top that off, with as ridiculously stupid and power hungry as people are on this rock, we're either going to kill ourselves off, or be destroyed by something that could have been prevented if we could only stop our bickering and play nice. And even if our race survives, or overcomes most of today's ills - which is extremely unlikely - I won't be around anymore to congratulate them.

And at the end of it all there will be nothing to show for it, just a bunch of mass floating in some uncaring universe. Just a broken body to be cast into a fire. Is that all I get? Is that all that any of us get?

I wish my life were a better story, but what can you expect with either no author, or a shitty one?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Mar,11 20:02

You have to laugh at existence and take the good with the bad. Most of life is a mindset and we can make it good or bad off of simple thoughts. Yeah there are many people that you preceive as assholes who have it better off. Just remember that the shoe can always be on the other's foot. Think of the real, acute, physical suffering that goes on this planet. Think of Japanese radiation and African hunger. Think of all the hidden crimes behind closed doors, probably over half that go unreported. The closet satanists, and malicious relatives. You have to block it all out and fight for survival. Remember that your enemy is just a frightened as you are and you are in a boxing match and need to take him out. If you acknowledge other people's fears, then your own fear does not seem so powerful anymore.

By yo at 16,Mar,11 23:37

Who is this idiot that keeps responding to every post with contradictory remarks? Get lost, anonymous. Not the original poster, the other commenter.

By anonymous at 17,Mar,11 13:07

well it's angel's and the bible talks about them. im not a bible reader myself or any religious person but from what Im seeing in videos and hearing EVP's there must really be something more than to this world and at the end of one's life. judge for yourselves. btw copy and paste links to the browser it will not work if you click on it. the site doesn't want links here maybe for annoying advertising reasons. just tryin to help out.

By anonymous at 17,Mar,11 13:09

Dude if you don't belive in God, First of all you've got no one to blame but yourself, from the way you think i can see how you failed in life.
By anonymous at 24,Apr,11 04:24

I expect he doesn't believe in God as a result of the way life treated him. As for you,you are an arrogant twerp who doesn't seem to have much of a clue about anyting

By anonymous at 17,Mar,11 16:26

You are right, there is no god. God is a fairytale people tell themselves to make them feel better. If you want to do that great for you. But if you wake up one day and realize religion is BS it can leave a void of wondering why we are people. People have been trying to figure that out for a very long time. Maybe just try to be happy and enjoy life and see what comes. Look into Buddhism, maybe it could help you. There is no Buddhist god just effort to be good and happy person.

By anonymous at 18,Mar,11 02:05

God's real, but It (yes It . . . not he or she) is something much, much grander and more vast than even the concepts of good and evil. God IS good. God is evil too, however. And, again, God is actually much more and BEYOND both good and evil.

It might seem of little consolation to find out that 1) God is indeed real, but 2) It is in no way exclusively tied to any Christian, or Buddhist, or Muslim or Hindu idea.

God is everything: The good, the bad, the ugly, the everything and the nothing.
By anonymous at 24,Apr,11 04:34

Interesting view, makes a lot more sense than the God is good rubbish. Aren't WE responsible for good on the Earth? It's the psychopaths & the narcissists who make life Bad. Also natural disasters, disease etc. If WE take responsibility for others' suffering, and act kindly to others, we could come up with a half-way decent world. But what about the types who take advantage of the kind?They're really a bloody awful problem. I've never believed in death sentence, it seems like hypocricy, but what do we do with those people who ruin others lives?

By anonymous at 20,Mar,11 06:20

Sounds like you're simply having some issues with faith. It can be discouraging to realize you no longer believe things you believed when you were younger, especially if you feel social pressure from family or friends to continue believing them. I've had similar challenges. What you believe or don't is ultimately a personal thing, don't get too worried about what others will think of it. I'm still moderately religious, but I know plenty of atheists who find some level of happiness or purpose in life. Anybody can make a positive difference, even if its as simple as helping another person a small amount.

By anonymous at 22,Mar,11 11:24

You are right...there is no such thing as god.

By anonymous at 02,Apr,11 01:11

You need God badly. please google 'Divine Revalation". Take courage and do it.

By anonymous at 10,Apr,11 12:22

I'm an educated, successful working professional and see things exactly as you do. There is no such thing as god. Anyone who thinks there is is living in la la land and is seriously lost.

Reading your post was reading my own emotions.
By anonymous at 24,Apr,11 04:35

Me too.

By link building team at 16,Oct,13 11:47

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