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Posted by anonymous at March 2, 2011
Tags: Attitude  Family  Health  2011 March  Relationship

Found this site and just wanna bitch some. From beginning to end. At 9 years old come home from school mom has packed and took off, dad works out of town, my sister and I have to practically raise ourselves. Finally get to go see mom again when 11, she has moved to a different state. When I do her perv boyfriend is always hitting on me and trying you know what when mom is sleeping, well I tell but of course it's my fault I asked for it. So go back to dad who then pays my aunt and uncle to keep me where I am just used as their slave. Finally at 15, meet a 23 year old, ran off with him, got pregnant and my first child is born very sick.This is when my mom finally comes back we make our peace then she dies from lung cancer. Hospitals all the time, no help from hubby except to fight. Going to school from 6pm-10pm, then work from 11pm-7am then go home take my sorry ass husband to work because he has lost his license and stay up with 2 kids all day. Don't get to sleep for days. Then after 1st husband fractures skull, 3 ribs, and shoves a gun down my throat in front of the kids I finally leave him after 11yrs. I get the kids, supposed to get child support (yeah right) at this point in time it's in excess of 60,000 that is owed, keep telling where he's at, such a waste of time. In the meantime get remarried have 2 more children. Then my oldest is very sick again. Spend most of my time running from hospital to hospital. Then he gets killed, police don't do a damned thing, I quit my job. My husband is never home works all the time, we argue all the time, my children are lazy as hell, all everyone expects is for me to do for them all the time and I can't even get any appreciation. And to top things off my nosy ass sister lives right across the street and drives me totally insane. Calls 20 times a day. Now my dad has cancer. I have no life, no job, about to go insane....


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Mar,11 11:03

I guess living a little bit for yourself should help. Your husband has not left you which is great! Kids can be turned around you are the boss, sorry to hear about dad ......

By anonymous at 16,Mar,11 15:36

You have to build friendship with your kids. Make them love you.

By at 16,Mar,11 16:42

Hey please don't loose your hope for the god sake and try to catch positive part of life and always try to forget your wrost part of life.

You will get your sweet fruit of your hardship

What ever your problem feel free for solution on

By hmmmmm Impalement at 17,Mar,11 16:05

Hahahaha you should kill yourself. Easiest way to end your pathetic life. What would you prefer? No pain for eternity, or a lifetime of pain that leads to the same thing. Might as well end it early and feel deaths release.

By anonymous at 17,Mar,11 20:09

Mate you story truely sucks! You can Email me when ever u like at or one will work.sounds to me like a tremendous amount of heart ache, just be sure your drinking water and eating veg or you'll get ill too. Im so sorry for all of your tradgedies, you needed more as a child. All you did was look for love...? How are u diing now? .... I sound like dr.phil, or someone, im not i just feel in a similar whirlwind to you.....

By aoife at 18,Mar,11 18:38

my lifes sorta the same well i ran off with a 31year old... only cos my parents kickd me out im 17 and have a 3mnt old baby...headn the same way as u :(

By anonymous at 19,Mar,11 20:31

im sorry but if life was easy it wouldnt be called life.

By anonymous at 20,Mar,11 05:37

how old are you now?

By anonymous at 20,Mar,11 05:58

Thank you for sharing. I've had similar experiences and it's somehow helpful to hear others are making it work, even if it's hard. I wish you the best.

By at 23,Jul,11 06:21

Shoot, who would have toughht that it was that easy?

By anonymous at 17,Sep,12 18:14

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