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Posted by anonymous at March 9, 2011
Tags: Attitude  2011 March  Racial

I feel I've been putting up with being black way too long. I work harder and am smarter than most around me. I'm that guy that does 6 figs with little structured education. Being black gets in the way of everything. The pool of women I get to choose from is #1 so let's go there. Fat, nasty but educated women tend to approach me. Rarely a physically beautiful woman is attracted to me but that's what I want and am holding out for. I deserve it! I am decent fitness(no gut)with abs, facially attractive, better than avg penis and money. Clever and quick witted but am surrounded by lesser white guys that don't even try for but get women I'm into and they're not interested in. Talk about feeling invisible. Whenever we're out, it's always the girl with some flaw that's into me. ALL of the more attractive females are all into the white guys[(with no money) but forever better potential]. this has made me suicidal on several occasions with several failed attempts! Contemplating another because for a guy with my drive and fervor, I refuse to have less than I deserve and am worth. I am about to divorce a wife of cellulite she cant get rid of, for my freedom. Can't get it up for her any more. Am I wrong for feeling this way or having these opinions. I could go further into this with greater detail and experiences see no need to over explain the obvious anymore. I will read opinions though


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By anonymous at 23,Mar,11 18:05

Ohhh, your life sucks sooo bad! You want to cheat on your wife with a supermodel and all you get are ugly chicks ): you make me want to cry!!
By anonymous at 27,Nov,11 17:34


By at 23,Mar,11 19:16

kill all whites 2011
By anonymous at 31,Jan,12 07:21

yea, i suppose your super nigger brain juice melanin is gonna help you out with that....because it's been SOOOOOOO effective throughout history......but please, keep telling yourself that you're superior....
By nothing at 26,Feb,12 00:15

Were you abused as a child? Scared to smile, people called you ugly? You're pathetic! lol.

By anonymous at 23,Mar,11 19:37

Six figure with little education. You must work for the United States Postal Service. Women like scumbag losers in general and an honest hardworking guy has no chance regardless of color of their skin. You might want to try strippers. Alot of them are very attractive and dig black men, just don't let on that you are a decent hardworking guy, because then you'll be relegated to the category of customer which are the worst scum to them. No, treat them like bitches, slap them around and always steal their money. Lie to them, etc. Give them what they want, which is to be degraded.
By anonymous at 24,Mar,11 18:01

You really know your stuff about women. Most of them subconsiously like to be pushed around. If a man comes across as honest and faithful, she is turned off right away. Just watch the scum on the Cops show. When a man beats his women, she call the cops. Then when the cops show up, she defends the man that beats her saying that he is a good man and it is all her fault. Nice guys finish last is the truth.

By at 23,Mar,11 20:58

You're dumb as a rock.All blacks have low I.Q.
By anonymous at 27,Nov,11 17:36

By anonymous at 26,Feb,12 00:16 Fold Up

Who told you that? Your Grand Cyclops papi? Go fuck yourself lol.

By anonymous at 23,Mar,11 22:26

You are one of the biggest racists I have ever read. Beleive me, the problem is not your color-it is your attitude and personality. I see hot chicks with black dudes all the time. I also see white, mexican, asian and black dorks strinking out all the time.

By anonymous at 24,Mar,11 00:30

you sound like a turtle

By anonymous at 24,Mar,11 00:33

let me tell you, as a half white, half black, half yella, and half red Patagonian, my experiences with all y'all 'pure breds' (and therefore inbreds) is that youre only as good as each other, and only deserve each other. Stay away from us half white, half black, half yella, and half red's (I'm the only one from Patagonia).
By anonymous at 15,Oct,11 11:27

How are you half of four things?...I don't even...

By anonymous at 24,Mar,11 02:58

Dude, it's not because you're black that you can't get the sexy white women. LOL it's probably because you're still married. If it just won't work anymore, go get a divorce then start dating around with new girls. Haha just watch out for the nasty physically beautiful women - they are oftentimes meaner than the fat ones!

By anonymous at 24,Mar,11 05:34

turn to islam. it sees no colour. many women who are white muslims have married different races. and many white men likewise. i used to feel like you until i met my fiance and i asked him why he was interested in me and he said because u r educated hardworking and polite. i asked him if he had an issue with me being black and he said if he did he wouldnt be a good muslim. islam can sort that out for u very easily.
By anonymous at 28,Dec,11 03:24

Oh brother... (not to be confused with the same term in the sense of urban, cultural dialect) "because u r educated?" That's ridiculously laughable -- considering your obvious inability to read and write appropriately. Perhaps the Farrakhan Nation could assist you with comprehension and cognitive assessment before speaking.

The "color issue" has not a fucking thing to do with religion -- It's about being kind, considerate, and respectful to fellow human beings -- It's called humanity. Consequently of which, the "brutha" in question knows little about -- given his sense of philandering entitlement to be with a caucasian bitch.

There has been more blood-shed and death in the name of "God", than any other cause in the history of human existence.

The internet is incredibly dangerous -- This delusional, brainwashed bitchola is tellin' this selfish, fat pussy of an infidel, that Islam will solve his problem. For fuck's sakes already.

By anonymous at 25,Mar,11 23:43

Really? What do you mean you're "holding out" for a beautiful woman? You're already married you dumb fuck. Why are you going out trolling for chicks in the first place. Being black is getting in the way??? The first thing black guys do when they're sucessful is get a "Becky", that's not difficult. So you must be a real troll if you can't get one. You suck! There are people on this site with real problems. Shmuck.

By anonymous at 29,Mar,11 05:31

when I red your story, it made me wanna do so many dirty things... like goin to church xD

By anonymous at 01,Jun,11 00:09

You're poor wife. Maybe your lack of happiness is stemming from your lack of regard for other people. It's not your skin keeping you from meeting another of your "standards," it's karma.
No wonder your wife has a weight problem, she is rejected by the man who vowed to always care for her- maybe she has to turn to Ben and Jerrys instead. Why don't you quit tramping around and ask the misses if she would like to take a stroll with you? I can't believe you expect more than what you get. You're lucky someone hasn't already kncoked you seneless for being so mean.
By anonymous at 28,Dec,11 03:26

I know that's right gurrrrlfriend! Tell-im like it T-I is huney!

By anonymous at 11,Jun,11 15:40

You sound like a truly bad person. You sound arrogant, self-pitying and generally pathetic. I am a mixed blsck/white guy here in England and have no trouble winning the attention of women. Get over youself, you aren't all that.

By anonymous at 07,Sep,11 13:53

Well, maybe the white women you want think you're a selfish ni**er and couln't care less how much money you make or how big your penis is? Or perhaps they see how superficial you are? Or maybe most attractive people aren't looking for random sex encounters and aren't driven by lust like you are?

Whatever the reason or explanation, Obviously the facts are speaking for themselves. You say you're so smart, so much better than everyone around you, yet life is proving those things don't buy happiness.

People don't like jerks, plain and simple. And most attractive people are attractive because they are chaste and respect their bodies and well beings enough not to pursuit random sex encounters with perverted, overcompensating, insecure black men like you.

By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 19:22

Is there something wrong with black women, nigger? Don't you like your own race?
By anonymous at 26,Feb,12 00:17

Is there something wrong with your head, dumb ass? Don't like your own mother?

By anonymous at 21,Feb,12 17:28

Date black girls.

By anonymous at 13,Mar,12 19:36

read a nigger book and go to sleep on a train track FAGGOT!

By anonymous at 15,May,12 22:42

Umm there's a lot of hate on this one and I kinda see why.To the OP why don't you stop looking for other women and try giving your wife some attention. I'm sure you married her for a reason. She was beautiful when you got married right? Or maybe this is a troll trying to stir up racist remarks. The jury's still out on this one...

By bloody Mary at 22,May,12 00:11

Your such a embarrassment to black people any other race want to take him in?
By anonymous at 16,Mar,13 06:48

Not this one.. and as a matter of fact.... I am a white male, 37, successful, and dating a black woman. She even says that he's a dick and an embarrassment to his own race. We came to this site looking to help some people but I can see that some are beyond hope. Hey OP... I'll save you a place in the soup line when you get here. It won't be much longer. I'll even be nice and not spit in your biscuit before I serve you, you racist prick... we all know you're lying about your "endowment"...LMAO!

By anonymous at 31,May,13 01:08

watch the movie Shallow Hal, and think about how you.must make your WIFE feel

By anonymous at 13,Jun,13 06:45

I truly believe you are one of those dudes who wishes he was born white. Why are u hanging w/ white guys all the time? I think you are hoping they'll introduce you to the 'white woman of your dreams'. You are stupid, but your white friends aren't. I doubt they'll introduce you b/c I bet they can see how desperate you are. And why are you unhappy w/ your wife? You married her for better or worse, richer or poor. Remember saying those vows? Now you don't want her. You are probably making her miserable b/c that's what ignorant black boys do when they are miserable. They make it impossible/damn near impossible to even live. And you're an adult so I know you are most likely putting her thru the wringer. You are a wanna be white guy trapped in a black dude's body and have been angry about it since you were a young black boy. GET OVER IT ALREADY. BE A HUSBAND TO YOUR WIFE!!

By anonymous at 15,Jun,13 11:41

wtf, nigger! u r disgusting & an embarrassment to decent black ppl. Why don't u divorce ur wife so that she can be rid of the likes of u. U are a pathetic slime ball. i've heard of educated niggers like u. thinking u r better than every other black person including the very woman u married. don't u know that marriages don't work out b/c of motherfucking niggers just like w/ a ignorant attitude. i hope there are no kids involved.

By anonymous at 15,Jun,13 12:00

You could go further into this with greater details and experiences and see no need to over explain the obvious? Yeah, the obvious is that you are a douche and scum bag. Low-down black scum. Your kind are worst than a racist. In fact, you reverse racism. No woman in her correct mind would want a husband like you. What your ignorant black ass needs to do is admit you are motherfucking asshole who deserves an ass whooping. I'd be happy to beat your ass like you stole something. Go Mike Tyson on your ass. It would be a very good idea to divorce your wife so she can find someone better and you can find your perfect, model-like white/black woman.

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