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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at April 2, 2011
Tags: 2011 April  Loneliness

i have literally no friends. no-one ever talks to me outside of the occasional run in at college. the people i thought i was friends with in school have basically ditched me to be alone. i hate going on facebook just because i know people delete me which is so stupid because i always try to be nice and never talk shit about anyone. ive never really had any girls and the one i did have is still leading me on. shes had a bf for 2 years now and i still do everything for her for basically no return. i work in a grocer part time on minimum wage and can't get another job despite the fact im an a grade student. my parents fight all the time. everyday is living hell. i get told im a catch all the time yet no-one i ever met shows any signs of interest no matter what i do. the world is such a strange place


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By anonymous at 12,Apr,11 14:47

Stop doing things for that girl. It's clear she's not interested in you. After 2 years, she knows exactly how you feel and is just taking advantage of you.

By anonymous at 14,Apr,11 04:39

hi, I'm from Europe, and I think I'm older than you, but you know things don't change after the years, cause You have to change and look at things differently! People don't deserve you as a friend, and you know, you don't have the time for them either. You should try to become a great person (I'm sure you already are) and continue to live your life. You'll see that good people, people that worth, will show up :)

By anonymous at 14,Apr,11 11:32

you probably don't fit into the mainstream of ordinary people. you will find love and friendship with unique individuals like yourself in more interesting and unusual situations

By anonymous at 14,Apr,11 13:26

Sounds as if you're writing about MY life...

By anonymous at 14,Apr,11 17:07

let the girl go away... If you pay no attention to her she will start paying attention to you... If you don't see her or ignore her, you will eventualy forget her and in a couple of years you will see that she's not that pretty or interesting and you will laugh of the situation. I'm 32 yo and I've been in your situation many times... good luck

By Sean at 28,Apr,11 07:28

Try being 48 with an 44 yo gf who is a drug addict. She gets ssi - contributes no money to our household. Buys drugs online and wires her mother in another state weekly for pain meds. - Says she hates her mother but is so addicted she calls her and pulls the fake laugh bullshit routine... sex is like trying to pull teeth - shes a big cock tease - then she is so amped she has to go do dishes or vacuum.... I been doin this for years - how do i just walk away from a 16yr relationship - no kids - I need pussy man - life is goin by too fast,,,,

By anonymous at 29,Apr,11 14:56

If you always do, what you always did, you will always get, what you always got.
Get out and do real stuff. Forget Facebook. Join a group that has the same interests as you. Most yourself as you can't be someone else forever.

By anonymous at 15,Mar,13 23:50

cry about it fucking baby be glad youre not in africa starving to death drinking parasite infested water

By matz crorkz at 23,Nov,14 17:46

BIsoEx I get pleasure from, cause I found just what I was taking a look for. You've ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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