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Friend issues HELP

Posted by Confuzzled at April 4, 2011
Tags: 2011 April  Juvenile problems  School

I'm not an over-dramatiser,my life isn't utter shit(although i submit to the irony of writing on this site). There are a lot of people much more worse off than me, i conceede this is true. But, my life has been very difficult at the moment, in terms of social status. When I came to my new school, people at my old school (which is 2 miles away from my old one)told my new friends that i was a "loner" and a "nerd". And that labeling has really stuck with me in a bad sense. Now (2 yrs later) I have 20 so-so friends, and 10 real friends at school alone. One of my best friends, lets call her, Connie* ditched me for the more "popular" people at my school. I sat with their group once, and 2 weeks later i go a threatening and utterly unprovoked rude message from one of her new friends *lara about how i was sitting with her group and how i should just leave and "stop texting".We used to call each other every night and we had fun together, but i'm not a pushy person and it was obvious that we were great friends mutually. Now, I'm not the most popular, i'd be about a 7 out of 10 on the popularity scale but we had such great convos and stuff that i really feel bad. Not everyone at school hates me, just i'm really academic and i'm guessing people feel intimidated by my presence. Although, I am a real entertainer socially, and am known in my peer group as a laugh .Obviously, i'm not a freak or socially inept, i go to parties and get tipsy but the loss of a friend (we have only been friends for 3 months)is pretty depressing. I was wondering, who is at fault here? and Have I done much wrong? I honestly need some help and it would be much appreciated.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Apr,11 19:40

By the time I answer this you will be on to the next crisis you whiny little bitch.

By Modeeb at 16,Apr,11 22:04

There's an old saying, "It's the how and not the what."

You're the "what" and the way people act is the "how." And there's nothing you can do about other people's how.

Or put another way, "It's not your business what people think about you." There's 6 billion people on the planet and let's be honest, they're not all going to like you or even give you the time of day.

Ignore the labels people give you (nerd etc.) and be true to yourself. Then you'll know that the people who will hang with you, are doing it because they appreciate the "real" you.

By anonymous at 11,Aug,11 14:02

wow, I cant believe this bonehead wrote a story on this website meant for people with REAL problems with life, not some stupid idiotic HS social problem.

HS is 4 yrs of your life, whether good or bad, ITS ONLY FOR 4 YEARS.


By anonymous at 12,Feb,12 20:11

20-22 friends 10 real friends wtf are you serious your in fucking heaven compared to me and others.

By Adobe OEM Software at 08,Mar,12 15:07

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