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I want to be loved...

Posted by anonymous at April 4, 2011
Tags: 2011 April  Juvenile problems  Loneliness

I want to be loved. I want somebody to wrap me in their arms and tell me they love me.
I want, and practically need, this so badly that it's almost killing me.
I know.. sounds funny.. coming from a fourteen year old girl nobody gives a cow's shit for. It sounds funny coming from me. I'm the girl that's never been in a relationship. The girl who never really cares about boys and love and all that other stuff. I'm Kayla.. the always depressed-looking kid in the back of the room who never talks.. cause I'm so shy.
But.. I CAN'T HELP thinking about not being.. you know.. wanted... liked... loved.
I'm not terrible looking; I actually look kind of .. short of.. in an average-girl-next-door way, I'm pretty... ( trying not to be vain )

The other day, while I was lying down in bed, I got the strong sensation to want to be held. I know I didn't want sex.. I wasn't horny or anything.. I just wanted to held... loved.. cared for..

I know this is boring.. nobody wants to hear about my complaints of my nonexsistent love life.

Sorry to bother you...
Kayla JAnice..


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New Comment

By anonymous at 11,Apr,11 21:16

that was awsome but u sould not worrrid adout ur shape u are only 14 sis

By anonymous at 19,Apr,11 04:32

Yeah, you are only 14, any dude who wants to cuddle with you at that age is a pedophile, wait awhile.

By anonymous at 19,Apr,11 09:52

i want to be loved could i get in contact with you? i never had a gf or anything...

By anonymous at 19,Apr,11 16:20

You're tredding on some icy waters here. At 14 you shouldn't be so needy of a boy's attention. You're setting yourself up to be victimized because guys can smell a needy girl desperate for love from a mile away. So eager to please you end giving up the cookies to the 1st guy who is nice to you. Going this route you'll be on 16 & Pregnant in a couple years. SLOW DOWN.
By anonymous at 19,Apr,11 17:25

Good advice, sir. Don't be so needy. People shouldn't need other people. In fact, if you start feeling that you require certain normal human social interactions, you should be ashamed of feeling that way. Why are you so desperate? What's wrong with you? I think you must be a ho.
By at 27,Apr,11 22:34

I know. Weird. I`m replying to a guy ( or girl ) on my own story. I`m such a loser. But anyways..... Is it really that wrong for someone my age to want love so badly ? And besides I`m not just goingto give my virginity to just anybody. I`m not totally and completely stupid.
By anonymous at 30,Apr,11 16:34

come on, K, that was a sarcastic response to 16:20's post. of course it's not wrong to want somebody to love you. that is completely normal and everybody EVERYBODY does want that. it does not mean you are desperate or stupid or fast like 16:20 was trying to imply. all i can say to you as advice is this: don't expect this feeling to go away, and don't expect it to be fulfilled either. sometimes people are lucky and find a great a relationship that allows the feeling to be fulfilled.... but then the world is FILLED with people of all ages who are still looking for it. it's just part of life.

By anonymous at 24,Apr,11 17:53

You only need to be comforted, to feel secure. Relax. Get yourself a pet or a teddy bear.
By KK at 27,Apr,11 22:37

It`s not really that simple. But a cat would be nice. Get me one and send it through the mail? No, wait. That would kill Fluffykins!!!

By anonymous at 26,Apr,11 08:08

Hey I can give you love and care. I am 16. I can make friend with you first. I understand how you feel. Actually I love shy girls like you, but perhaps making friends first would seem better. I would love to hug u. Do email me.
By anonymous at 28,May,11 13:49


By anonymous at 26,Apr,11 10:57

I can do that i look like a 14 yo u can say... if it's just a hug, why not ^^
Don't be such a pedogirl, and gimme a hug :)

By anonymous at 26,Apr,11 19:16

hey kayla i know that exact same feeling....the longingness to feel another humans warmth and to let you know that just some one...any one only just 16 but i like to help friends with problems alot but i cant solve my thinking of being a thearipat. If you need some one to talk to, contact i think it would be nice to talk to some one who feels the same way i do.

By anonymous at 21,Jul,11 23:36

The story is whatever but this is actually really well written.

By anonymous at 09,Dec,13 05:37


By mattew crorkz at 07,Apr,15 09:43

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