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Its sucks?

Posted by Dr tired at April 14, 2011
Tags: 2011 April  Mistakes  Philosophical  Unemployment

well mi life is not bad i guest..... My brother dead so all i got left my beatifull wife wich i love and mi dear mother "worlds best mom ever". My problem is things are starting to crumble, you see a few years ago having a profesion was a garanti of succes, how ever now a days it is not. Im doctor, 7 years studiying realy kicking my own ass down on the books. Finished the career and got to the next step... the spciality, studied a full year for the exam and got a speciality on surgery. its was terrible, i was going to die so i talk with mi wife about quiting and start over, she was ok. i did it and im unenployed right now, i try to studi "is not going good" for take the test next year and start over again. at least i was fast i meet this guy hwo finished a especiality but was 2 years unenployed, that sucks, now i got the exam againg and is doing another especiality, 4 years of his live to the crap.

Today i start thinking ¿WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING? i spend 9 years of mi life studying like an asshole, spent thousands of dollars, and only worked for 1 year (its doesnt even pay 1% of the cost of my studies). i dont drink, dont smoke, never tried drugs on mi life. dammm im a saint, dont even cheat my wife... "no need i think shes a beauty".

only think i want to do is go down the street, go berserk and fuicking kill averyone como close.... but then i see my wife, get calm and say fuck it.
Lost 9 years of mi life.. so what? unenployed... so what?

you guys are lots worst than i am, that dont make me happy, but at least i think my problems are not so big, we are al fuked up, one more than others.

i really hate living the big city, i miss the country side, growing crops, using an axe, been burned by the sun, thats life, far from tv, radio, internet, politics an crap....

I went on internet looking for some unhabited island, to go there an live on my own, told my wife, she was ok. can you imaging that living on your own... getting back to medieval life stile, but didnt find any island, the ones that could suport life were used for atomic bomb tests....

Other way is becoming amish.... way not?

anyway i cant do it, mi moms depends on my, and my wife family too, but if i only.....

my advice to this that are really fucked up.... get the fuck out, get a tiket plain somehow, or ship, whatever.

we are in a world crisis and is not getting better any soon, so try something else.... If you dont have nothing to lose, go for it.

My grandmother lives in a mountain, far from everithing, men she doesnt now what is internet, and dont care, but shes so happy.... so try it.

Im feeling bad rigth now, My problems are not big enougth to complain....
been thinking and im gonna submit this.
Life sucks?.... yes its sucks... but we got nothing better, so if you got something that make you a bit happy get your hands on it, and dont loose it becouse thats your only chance.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 24,Apr,11 08:40

sounds like an illegal mexican to me...

By anonymous at 24,Apr,11 17:53

I hope that English is not your first language, otherwise there is no way in hell you went to college. Yes, life sucks but at least you are married happily. I know someone who is in the opposite situation who has a job making millions, but is alone and depressed because he cannot talk to women and is very unattractive physically.
By anonymous at 24,Apr,11 23:51

Is he rich??? I'll date that ugly motherfucker! I'll suck the ugly out his tiny cock.
By anonymous at 25,Apr,11 08:28

hahaha thats right he can BUY bitches
By anonymous at 25,Apr,11 12:37 Fold Up

Money is not everything. Remember what Mr. Bob Marley said "Life is worth much more than gold."
By anonymous at 25,Apr,11 13:11

speaking of bob marley the world would be a better place for everyone whose life suck if we all got together and were allowed to smoke weed
By anonymous at 25,Apr,11 15:11

you can if you grow;)

By anonymous at 26,Apr,11 08:23

Sometimes, being too obedient and too righteous isn't good. You got to try out something thrilling. You know what I mean.

By anonymous at 26,Apr,11 10:16

is it normal if that made me cum ?
By anonymous at 27,Apr,11 03:37

yes, since it made me masturbate on the screen! x.x
now i have to clean that shit up

By Dr tired. at 03,May,11 17:10

Yeah im the same guy that submit this....
And no english not my first languaje.... I learned on my own so is baddddd as hell but if you get the idea abaut what i post is enought for me.
Well im still alive my wife is fine as alwais, still studing like an asshole.
Life not worst nor better. just life...

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