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Posted by jota at April 14, 2011
Tags: 2011 April  Death  Relationship  Tragic Events

My mother died 12 years ago and my only brother killed himself 3 years ago... My father remarried and he's happy I think. I have uncles and grandparents and they are alright, but lost contact with all of my friends. I have a beautiful girlfriend, she and her family helped me a lot after my brother died, but for the past year I've been loosing all my interest for her, I mean, I like her as a friend and not as a gf anymore. This is because I'm completely crazy about a girl at work, that flirts with me, but she is going out with another guy... I don't want to hurt my gf's feelings, but if I leave her I'll be alone and I can't stop thinking about the other girl... Today I'm not depressed, but some days I just want to kill myself... I miss my brother and my mother a lot and I keep thinking I should be with them...


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By Anish at 29,Apr,11 12:28

You have a beautiful amazing girlfriend who has been there for you when you needed her. And now you're saying that you don't love her anymore... primary reason being a girl who flirts with you at work??
DUDE, GROW UP. You need to understand love. You're being tempted by the beautiful illusion of ...maybe, a change! You're thinking about this other girl..why? She's pretty? She acts like she likes u? Wtf! In the long run, you need someone who truly understands you, probably better than you understand yourself, love you despite knowing every negative quality of you..someone who will stick to you in tough times, when u need them. I'm sure your girlfriend is like that.
You're honestly gonna regret it big time one day, if you leave your gf for this other girl. Look at her already - she's with someone else, and still flirts with you. Pfft.

By anonymous at 07,Nov,11 05:40

I'm not gonna tell you what to do about your relationship problem, or that you should stick with her/ break up with her. I'm just gonna point out to u that you are very confused right now and this is not the right forum for your post; but probably you just need some time off from everything, evne ur current gf, to think about things. So yes, if possible, go visit your mom and bro.

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