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No sympathy for the devil

Posted by Monster at April 15, 2011
Tags: 2011 April  Health  Life Story  Poverty  Society

Well I guess I was foolish enough to imagine that some of you would be able to empathise with me and my plot in this existence. I thought that some would give me encouraging words. But, as usual, I was wrong. No I wasn't making my life-storey up. I was found in a back alley and the doctors said that I was "lucky" to be alive. I've never known who my parents were. I was put into an orphanage and placed into several foster homes, where I was verbally and physically abused. I eventually ran away from my last home and started living on the streets. I figured that's where I truely belonged. Being there I saw many horrible things. Even worse then the things I experienced. I saw a man get shot in the head, a women gang raped by six other men, a little girl sodomized... I saw the worst of human nature, or maybe I saw what humans actually are. I got a job and saved enough to get off the streets but can only afford to rent a small shack that is still boarded up (hence why people think it's vacant). There are rats in the walls and cockaroaches everywhere. I have some sort of condition and I feel pain all over my body, even to the point where start screaming and crying. Whenever I'm out in public I conceal myself by a larg raincoat, a hat, and sunglasses. I don't like people looking at me. I do like a girl and have for some seven odd years but it's wrong for me to like her (she doesn't know me or I her and am just a monster unworthy of love).


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New Comment

By anonymous at 28,Apr,11 19:41

I grew up in a coackroach infested swill. Sometimes its better to have never known your parents than to be abused by them. "Families" can fuck you up, take it from me. theres no reason to feel ashamed of yourself. Other people are no more valid than you. I worked at a gas sation, and most people are hideously ugly. The world is like hell, theres so little good, and so much sickness. You're not unworthy of love, but thats an unattainable thing. One thing thats not unattainable though, is giving a fuck about yourself. Not to the point of screwing others over or being selfish, but don't loose your focus.

By anonymous at 12,Nov,11 00:48

I spent most of my life in roach and rat infested slums. Now I worked and married a good man and we still live in slum, but have nice clean house and pretty good lifes, you will also. You can be the giver of good things and comfort and understanding to yourself and others you let in your life.
Also, maybe start going to church....any inner city church that has accepting people will do, try out different ones until one fits. We are a family in my church, there for each other in all the really important events of our lives.

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