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What am I born to do?

Posted by anonymous at January 7, 2010
Tags: Attitude  January 2010

my mife really sucks
I think i am born to do nothing! i think my life is so meaningless
look at my friend they all have their goal, their true love, their future career and they are all planning and striving for the goal
but for me nothing,, i am already 18,its the high time for life.. but i still dont have anything to strive for everyday i just go to school then back home and think about the same question - why i need study? what am i doing? why i always waste my time?

all i want to do is to have a special life..
to go around the world and see everything meet new people and to pursue my interest, i love music i love art
but my family dont agree that, they hope me to have a steady life a stable job then marry, give birth , that's all
but i really dont want that way.. when i think my life is going to be commonplace, i really wanna die
u say! is this suck?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 07,Jan,10 21:36

"look at my friend they all have their goal, their true love, their future career and they are all planning and striving for the goal
but for me nothing"

Well its a good thing your friends are being a good role-model because you just stated that they are PLANNING and STRIVING for their dreams. Ask yourself why arent you doing that? So i don't see why you are comparing your life to theirs as if youre handicaped or something. They already know what they want to do and they are going to chase after it. So follow THEM! You also said that they have their true loves but that doesnt make them better than you at all. Why should anybody be with you when you don't even believe in yourself or push yourself? You have to gather yourself first and fix yourself up and be Mr or Ms Right before you want somebody in your life like that. And do you think if you were to live your friend's lives that you would truly be happy? We all have our own roads.

If you want to have a special life, you have to make it happen. it is NOT going to come to you, you have to follow those dreams, work for it, and make it happen. the longer you sit around and mope around and feel like there is no hope left, the longer that special life will be delayed. If you want to go around the world, Major in journalism! Work on a freaken cruise boat, be an airpilot, flight attendant. flight attendances meet people all the time and then when the plane lands and your shift is done, you'll probably get to see alot of the world. Pursue jobs that allow you to do that. If you love art, major in Fine Arts! My major is general business and Fine arts becuase i want to be a fashion designer and open up my own business. i don't have a choice becuase this is the ONLY thing i want to do in life. i'm learning about art in ways i never thought existed.

It is not your parent's say on what you do with your life. You are the one that's living this life, You are the one working for it, not them. So stop listening to what people want you to do instead of supporting you and giving you optimism for the future. Some Parents want what they THINK is best for their child so they overlook thier dreams and tell you to this and that instead. follow your dreams and work for them.
By anonymous at 22,Jan,10 16:15

get rid of ur family ! live ur live.

Best advice u will ever get

By anonymous at 26,Feb,10 09:19

Do whatever makes you happy. live your life first and then have a family later on, you are 18 and the world is your oyster, you need to study now to be able to do all the things you want in life or you will live your life in 'what if!' frame of mind, a nice balance between the two would be good and believe me having your own family doesnt mean that you cant achieve your dreams, it just means you have the support behind you and they may actually help you :) Family is the most important thing you will ever have but dont be afraid to strive towards your dreams :)

By Bonner at 23,Jul,11 20:55

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