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I hate my life

Posted by I hate myself at January 7, 2010
Tags: January 2010  Loneliness

I don't want to live anymore I just want to lay down and die. Give my life to something dieing that wants to live. I hate myself I hate my life. I tryed to kill myself several times and I can't even do that right. Meds aren't helping I want to get a gun get drunk and end it all but I will probably screw that up and become a vegetable. I want to be loved and love someone


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New Comment

By anonymous at 08,Jan,10 01:09

Do you have friends?
Do you have people anyone.

Anyone. You'll often find online people are very willing to listen.
LOVE: Comes in many, MANY different ways. Even friends love each-other in some way.
Believe me when I say not all is lost.
By anonymous at 08,Jan,10 21:30

I have no friends I have an Ex-wife and she couldn't live with me so she divorced me I can't even live with myself and I can't divorce myself I'm stuck with this asshole until I put a bullet in his head. Somebody do me a favor and take me out. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

By anonymous at 08,Jan,10 01:49

life fucking Blowz
i hate life to
life is meaningless

it really pisses me off, when people put optimistic comments because it feels like they have no fucking clue what we are going through
By maori nz at 08,Jan,10 02:37

By anonymous at 08,Jan,10 12:46 Fold Up

i agree to all that cuz ive been in so much trouble and no one relises i need help but life is just shit
there is nothing to live for at all so who cares that we dye
it like they dont give a shit about us till we are gone or we get into trouble
By maori nz at 08,Jan,10 16:21

cher my Bro!! good on you!,yeah same hea been through the mill,kicked,punch and spat on!!was always helppen ppl,mates enyone then when i needed help,nathing,no one enyone,support,family not even dogshit,plastic cunts they all are but im still hea! like you!!!Bro kicken shit up hill,pushing against the prick what ever!!yeah Bro life does fucken suck!!how do you think i found this site an yeah no one relises or dont give a fuck till we are gone or in shit street.otera=but,kia kaha i a koe toku hoa,ki runga ki runga ki runga=you be strong my bro,upupup!!.
By anonymous at 08,Jan,10 21:19

yea for 5 min then they forget about us

By maori nz at 08,Jan,10 02:22

fuck ratshit bro !!!wish i was thea with you!!to help you get through this shit and be a mate to you,!!!kia kaha=be strong my bro,bro i know how you feel!!i really do!!.Anonymous is right get your self up go talk to someone and if they got deaf ears or not willing to help you,fuck them bro be strong in your self!!you got your self this far you can get your self the rest of the way.Bro dont mean to be negative in enything i write,get that shit out of your head bro fuck that shit!! look up bro and keep looking up!!!upupup=ki runga ki runga ki runga!!!PACE TO YOUR HART AND YOUR MIND!!!!!.I'LL CATCH YOU UP MY BRO!!!!!!.KIA KAHA!

By anonymous at 08,Jan,10 15:53

BRO!!!! i know what you're going through. my life sucks too. sometimes you just need to get laid. maybe you should go to a psychologist.....i do and i fucked him. it was great. hope ya feel better soon. :)
By maori nz at 08,Jan,10 16:39

Ummmmm you talken to me Santa???.f not i take it back!!sorry lol

By anonymous at 08,Jan,10 21:33

i hurt just typed life sucks hit enter .guese what i'm not the only one. i read all your words. lets me there are more people out there , just as hurt.thanks for your thoughts.helps think about things.

By anonymous at 08,Jan,10 21:54

yup story of my life i start to talking about my feelings everyone shuts up. story of my life by. F IT.BY

By anonymous at 09,Jan,10 01:19

life is funny. when i was realistic and pursued truth, i was miserable. when i accomodated myself to life, adopted foolish optimism and positivity, life turned around for the better.
By anonymous at 21,Jan,10 03:38


By anonymous at 10,Jan,10 12:03

Your fear of being a vegetable proves that their is something there you haven't given up on yet. My life is better than I deserve even though that consists of delivering mail in 30 below windchill. We are social beings and I know my life sucks most when I am alone and focused on that fact. I envy my dog who can sit in the dog house all day and be content as a king. I think contentment must be a key. Wish I could help more.
By anonymous at 21,Jan,10 03:46

The fear of becoming a vegetable is actually a sound reaction to the very real possibility of a failed suicide attempt.
My wife works in an emergency room and has a couple of awful stories of people who made their lives far worse by botched suicides.
To illustrate:
- Brain damage due to oxygen deprivation after attempted suicide by hanging.
- Failed shotgun to the mouth suicide attempt (shudder!)

Not trying to scare anyone (I often ponder suicide myself), but these stories really put me off.

By anonymous at 11,Jan,10 22:25

"I just want to lay down and die"

Well i am in a similar position right now but its a bit different because i am simply tired and want to lay down and sleep and spend eternity in my dreams or afterlife like that

By anonymous at 16,Jan,10 00:09

I also hate life. I suck at my job, or so they all tell me. I stuggle to get along with my wife. my two step sons are fucking misfit asholes, I hate them too... Even that is my fault because I felt sorry for my wife and wanted to help someone in need. The only light points in my misrable life is my own two children but because I dont know if I will be able to take care of them for much longer I might as well die and let my insurance help my wife get a better life.

I have contemplated cuicide for much longer than I can remember and for some time I tried to ferget about it because of my own two children. But now I don't know anymore... I hate my job, I hate everyone at my job. I would probably lose my job anyway soon. I have lots of debt and will probably lose everything I have because of this. So...

At the end all I can think of is to put a noose around my neck and jump. MY two children will probably be better of without me because I fucked up with my step children too...

I will probably not come back to this site even to check on any replies be cause I think I will end it all before the end of this weekend...

If there is a God, may He forgive me for this

By anonymous at 21,Jan,10 17:03

You need Jesus!!
He'll make everything dont see that right now..But trust me...One day this world will end..Well your world will end..Where are you going when you die??..just think about that for a second...and then tell me the reason why your going to that place when you CAN go to heaven...all you have to do is exept that Jesus Christ died on the cross for the worlds sins...including you and all you have to do is exept that He died for you..and believe that you ARE a sinner..And your saved...Is as easy as that...I hope you dont kill yourself God has a specific plan for your life He loves you...And just ending your life is not a good maby as you think but its not..just wait on God...And if you do get saved..Trust that God knows what Hes doing in your life..It may not make since to you right now..But trust me..IT WILL in the long run..Ive had many friends that have wanted to kill themselves but didnt...And got SAVED!!
It can happen just have a little faith...The bible says...John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave His ONLY begotton son that whosoever believes on Him should NOT parish but have EVERLASTING life...I THINK THAT PREETY EXPLANITORY...PLEASE..Dont miss out...Because God will come one day...Will you be Ready?? Thanks! And I hope everything works out for you!! :)
By anonymous at 15,Mar,11 21:20

What if he's not religous?

By anonymous at 23,Dec,10 16:09

What the Fuck about Jesus...well if he died on a cross for us, to take our sins, why do mean people get successfuller and richer and those who are helpful die sooner or go down the drain? I helped all my life people...and all I earn is betrayal. And lets face it the real devil is amongst us, and it comes in different names.Every Country has its own name for it. Money! At first everyone promises to stay with you, love you for the rest of the day (As long as you're a stud and successful)...but when the money is gone and you are in debt, you're worthless. What kind of God plays with a million of people and let them starve, and hunger for money. Either he/she is on Vacation...or he/she just doesn't exist. But I sure hope if there is a God, that he/she will come soon out of his/her Vacation. Cause this world where I live in needs a major cleanup. Just go ahead and kill me, if im wrong.

By anonymous at 25,Jun,11 01:45

I hate life. However, I think that whatever I can do to change other peoples life is great. Think great!! Know that what I do affects others. Plan on the affects. I want to crouch down in a corner, however I want others to hurt for what they did to me. Or at least what I thought they did to me. I am my own. I want zen. Fuck them. I am what I make. Love me or leave. Hate me or don't care. I care. unfortunately. I love me with hate kind of feeling. For all those I lost know that I love them and will make the best of me. I wish zen upon me and all others to kiss my ass!!!

By at 23,Jul,11 19:24

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