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I'm sorry for being me, dad

Posted by Scarlet at April 21, 2011
Tags: 2011 April  Attitude  Juvenile problems

I have always tried to make my father proud of me, yet everything back fires. When I was five I told him I wanted to be a tattoo artist, just like him, he told me he would rather I don't. Fifteen years later we were expecting another sibling he hoped to be a boy so he could call him Aurther(Art) so he could teach him how to tattoo. He has cheated on my mom and I will never forgive him for that because whenever something bothers him he starts helling at her about something she had no control. I was a A student for all my schooling and the only time he said he was proud was because someone of his family name graduated high school. One day in high school he got to the house while I was getting ready for school, he said let me drive you to school. He did this to tell me that I needed to pick him or mom because because he was not paying for a place he has no say, I found out later that mom's crime was telling him to stop helling at her for what others had done. I ended up crying for 4 hrs in the bathroom. I only asked for a ride from school once, and he acted like I asked him to chop his dick off but he was more then fine picking up my friend for a school project. That same day, I walked a mile to work in rain. Worst of all is we were moving and i didn't want to leave my friends without telling them. One got so emotional that she called dad and begged to stop the move. He can home said I wasn't his daughter and called me a back stabbing bitch. Sorry someone liked me being me.


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By at 30,Apr,11 12:18

I see. Well, you're letting this get to you too much. I feel way more sorry for your mom, rather than you.
Look at the possible solutions. Well, don't forget that there are people with much worse lives than you. Your dad may be an idiot, but why are you making yourself feel so bad about your LIFE for that reason? (You didn't exactly say that, but hey, look at the website's name you're posting in). I mean, you have to be a wise girl on your own, become strong enough to live a happy life no matter how your dad treats you. You have so much in life - friends, a loving mom, resources to succeed in life, smartness.. you can actually list countless positive things about your life, you just have to open your eyes. Make yourself emotionally strong! If your dad scolds you, ignore him. Simple. Tell yourself you know he's wrong, his words don't even matter.
More importantly, don't just think about yourself. Really, you should provide all emotional support to your mom. Talk to her about everything, make her your best friend, and make her happy at all times, even if your dad gets all devil-like at her. Make her proud of you, I'm sure you can.

Now to a more practical issue, hm.. I don't know, maybe just ask your mom to consider divorce? I mean, come on, neither of you is happy with him, he's making your life hell..So it's an option definitely worth considering. Have a wise talk with your mom.

By anonymous at 15,Oct,11 04:10

Scarlet, it hurts when your dad doesn't really see you for who you are. Our dads want us to live up to THEIR ideal but sometimes that just doesn't fit who we are. It sounds like your father doesn't respect women. You need to find your peace with that because odds are - he won't change in time for you to have a meaningful relationship with him. You will be stronger than your mother. She has made her choices in life and you will learn from them and hopefully make better ones. Some people never learn to stand on their own two feet and make their own decisions in life. You will be self sufficient and not dependent. Life sucks but it also gives wonderful exciting times.
Don't forget, Friends are the family we CHOOSE

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