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ugh, suppose its not that bad.

Posted by blaaah at April 27, 2011
Tags: 2011 April  Juvenile problems

my dad was a total prick to me on this one holiday, he said to me 'i dont have a daughter' and that he'd kill my mum, bla bla bla, which really upset me. Things happened that night on holiday, bad things. I was in a foreign place, i was scared. Once i got back i refused to see him again. My brother then gets loads of grief from my dad because i decided not to see him anymore which made me feel really guilty.

i thought once i started high school things would be okay and to be honest they were at the beginning. In year nine i moved to a higher class and became bestfriends with this girl, we were so similar and i was happy we were bestfriends. We went to this party and my bestfriend started making out with this other girl and i was there like wtf? but everything was fine after for a while i suppose.

I started cutting myself, don't ask me why i just did. My friend started seeing this girl she was making out with at the party. My bestfriend ditched me for her new girlfriend and everybody needs a bestfriend so times were hard. Her girlfriend started hanging around with us and she was horrible, she didn't treat my bestfriend right and she was constantly putting me down by calling me fat and ugly, etc. i continued to cut and went through a stage of being really depressed, her girlfriend would always be like 'ugh you're in a bad mood.. AGAIN!'

things got slightly better but still haven't got my bestfriend back and i get load of grief about not seeing my dad.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 04,May,11 12:41

Find new friends? Or a boyfriend

By anonymous at 04,May,11 16:39

Wow, first of all, why would you feel guilty about the way you treated your dad when he treated like shit in the first place? Fuck him. Why cut when you can just die?

By Elric at 23,Jul,11 07:44

Good job making it appaer easy.

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