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till death gives us peace

Posted by Real Rogue at January 12, 2010
Tags: Abuse  Anger  Family  January 2010

Hi people of the the trying times .... I wish I knew where to begin ....I guess the beginning?
Born second child of one fucked up dysfunctional Granddad started sexual abusing my sis and I while we were infants. Worse then that my police detective father was aware of it all. And what apiece of work that man was. His sadism knew no limits the pain ninflicted on mysister and my self was heinous to say the least. I don't believe I can put it into word ...I shake and tremble at sharing those depravities. needless to say Life spent hating and living in contemp of yourself can be quiet the story. But how to tell it how to put into print all that evil, hate, injustis I want to just throw up right now . can we righht more later here ??


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New Comment

By anonymous at 12,Jan,10 23:26

you can wtite as much as you would like. to vent or just talk about f56king life.

By anonymous at 06,Feb,10 11:56

I think you should write as much as possible. You shoud put all this durt out on the paper/online and help yourself to get over it. THE LIFE MUST GO ON - you know..

By at 17,Feb,10 06:33

my name isnt suggesting anything bout your story rather letting you know who i am if you wanna read my semi similar story. ido enjoy hearing stories worse than mine because its a rare occurance for me. you truly understand the definitive meaning of the term life sucks. theres alot of people crying over being fat, not popular at school, liking someone who doesnt know they exist. being fucked by family members thru your developing years is a whole new level thaty i understand. i would hope that you also share with me the understanding that there are all sorts of lessons to get from hardship. id hope you do write more. this is a fantastic site.
there ARE others out there like yo uand there are others out there who have had it worse, so in some respects life aint so bad. soldier on brother- life is survival of the fitest and you my friend have proven to be a fit one by still being here after such an existence. peace.

By at 17,Feb,10 06:35

ooops, my name i did for my story is youthinkyouhaveproblems?
under abuse,justice,drugs,family.

By anonymous at 03,Mar,10 22:18

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Forget the past. Renew. Start a new life. Find something that interests you and join a club. I love reptiles. Go figure, as my parents were as cold blooded as reptiles. I just like critters with scales. My pet snakes, Jason and Tiffany had eight babies last September. They were cute. I took the babies out in the woods and set them free.
By anonymous at 07,Mar,10 20:58


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