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Your Typical Problems!

Posted by anonymous at January 13, 2010
Tags: January 2010  Juvenile problems

What I am about to write is pretty typical but just because it happens often doesn't mean it sucks any less!
To start of I have always been a pretty average person, now I would be ok with that if I wasn't surrounded by above average people. I have had an inferiority complex since I could talk and the cause of it can be summed up in one phrase-my big brother! I love him and I want him to succeed but then I hate him because he keeps pointing out what I loser I am. I am 17 with no talents and mediocre grades-the chances of me succeeding a next to nothing but where does he get of reminding me of that whenever I see him!
And then my parents expect me to be wonder woman especially my mom-'you have to get as good grades as your brother even though I admit you are not as smart as him' (YEAH SHE ACTUALLY SAID THAT,EXACT QUOTE)'...and while your doing that you have to do everything I say and learn to be the perfect daughter and future wife and mother'.
I mean all my life I get told I can be anything I want and when I finally get to the stage that I can try to do that BAM! They spring this whole 'your a woman first,person later' deal on me. What's the point of letting me dream if your gonna yank it out from under me anyways?
I want to be an Archeologist and I want to study in UK but I can't cause it's not a suitable profession for girls and it's not safe for ME to be on your own. I have dreamt about it and worked for it since I was 8 but now I don't even get to try! So overall my life MAY BE pretty peachy compared to a lot of other people but it still sucks!!!!


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New Comment

By anonymousWoman at 13,Jan,10 23:24

I really think you should start sticking up for yourself. You need to either SHOW your famliy what you just wrote or tell them how you feel. A famliy is suppose to be loving and supportive, not tell you what you need to do in order to win their approval and praise or do what they think is right for you to do. Sure your brother may be smart, but he's a real jerk for constantly reminding you of things you can't do that he can do better and that isnt smart at all. so him saying all these negative things is very ironic coming from someone who is known to be smart. His cocky attitude may lead him to nowhere one day if he keeps that up. Anytime he makes you aware of your faults, just say
"Yea i know, you tell me that all the time and thats the only thing you know how to say to me. I get it, youre better i'm not, are you happy about that?" See what his reaction is. Sometimes famliy memebers don't really realize that their words do hurt others and when you don't say anything about it, they just keep doing it becuase they assume it doesnt mean anything to you.

Nobody in your household has the right to judge you, You start living life for yourself and chase after your OWN dreams. I remember when I was in the 8th grade, i wanted to be an Egyptologist SOOOOOOOOO bad. i started drawing egytpian symbols on the back of my hands everyday and my friends noticed it all the time. the love was just there. You are young and you can chase after whatever you want. Why try to be something that your parents want you to be when your heart inst in that field? you'd be VERY miserable. KEEP working hard for your dream job. Realize that just becuase your family says degrading things doesnt mean it's true, it only means that this all they know how to say. Prove them wrong in the future.

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