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is that possible

Posted by maria at January 13, 2010
Tags: January 2010  Relationship

How is f.... possible to be still hurt???
We broke up with this guy and 3 months later , I moved on and I m even with some other boy and I have many others to hitting on me... but still im thinking of him, even when im with my bf... he broke my heart so many times... i dont even count anymore.... but 3 months is that possible??
Why I cant get over him??? i want so much to forget everything about him... He doesnt deserve to have any girl in his life.... why i fell in love with him? how can I forget him once and for all???


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By anonymousWoman at 13,Jan,10 23:28

It was hard to understand everything but i'll try. If he's broken your heart too many times to count and something must be wrong with your self-respect. When a guy hurts you, you're not suppose to let it happen again. Just how many times did he have to break your heart in order for you to understand that this guy does NOT care for you!!!!! You gotta start loving yourself before you expect people to love you back.

This is guy is going about his life while you sit there and mourn and mourn and mourn over some big first-class jerk who doesnt feel the same way about you. He can care less that youre missing him.

YOu also have to ask yourself, what is it about this guy that makes you so head over heels in love with him. what good has he done to makes your mind spin? You guys broke up for a reason, remember that. And if your heart isnt truly devoted to the guy that's in your life now, then perhaps it is only fair for him that you let him go.

By Just a friend at 15,Jan,10 00:58

Time will help, I know it sounds totally stupid and dumb, but it really will. There is nothing you can do and no matter how much you hate him for what he did you have to accept it happened to you.
I found this quote

"i believe that everything happens for a reason. people change so that you can learn to let go. things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right. you believe less so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes GOOD THINGS FALL APART SO BETTER THINGS CAN FALL TOGETHER." - marilyn monroe

Just know that it happened for a reason, and know that know matter what happens to him you are the bigger person. He is not even worth it...and don't forget KARMA IS A BITCH. She will come back around. It may not be tomorrow or next week when you want it to happen....but it will....

Surround yourself with friends and me. I have been there....and maybe worse than you....just know that one day you will feel better again. Hope this helps

By mickey at 24,Jul,11 07:01

Yeah, that's the ticekt, sir or ma'am

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