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Posted by anonymous at May 7, 2011
Tags: 2011 May  Philosophical

I guess my story could be simple as " I just got fucked out of a lot of good things due to fucked up people and situations". I really wish I could turn back time and correct the mistakes and take the leap of faith when I was just scared of failing. The truth is failing is never trying or just trying too late. I feel like an ass for knowing the truth in my heart from the start of the decisions I've made but allowed that old fucked up fear get it the way. Too many people do this to themselves and realize it at it's conception or when time slips by and the refection in the mirror shows you by age. DUDE, just fucking get out there and fight for what you believe in the your head and heart is yours. Claim it, even if every fucking family member, so called bullshitting friend(associate) or whom ever says just play it safe, have a plan b. Fuck a "Plan B" or for the "A" all the way until the damn color fades from that bitch. People will never understand you but you and when you hear that voice in your head telling to go for it all you can do is try, don't quit or be a little bitch about it. I say all this because I gave in to the bullshit instead of believing in me even when I knew I had skills and ability to do it. Damn, it fucks my head up every time I look back but I screwed up. I'm an ace at what I do and had so many near misses but I didn't jump when I should have. I know you're like, what the hell is he talking about but it isn't important for you to know. Just understand that I could have been something major in life and I'm seeing all the seeds I've planted grow all around me but I never got a chance to blossom. So now I watch and hear the creations of my doing all around me and I'm too old to profit from it. It's fucked up and I blame myself for not fighting for my dreams. Don't do it yourself, believe when know does and go harder than everybody.


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By anonymous at 15,May,11 11:16

Dear friend;

Thanks for sharing your story with us. You are not alone. FEAR is the greatest enemy that mankind has ever had to deal with. Unfortunately it infects all of our lives. May the scourge of FEAR banish for eternity.

Alas that will not happen. So let us thank our friend F E A R. For FEAR also makes us strong if we are willing to listen to it and to wage a battle against it.

YOUR LIFE IS NOT OVER YET....many successful people became SOMETHING BIG at a later age in life. May you be one of them. May this be the day you start living instead of fearing.

By labory20 at 15,May,11 19:26

That's life remember we lern from awere mistakes. We not perfect thaw why God gives more opportunities in life even do it brings you down remember just make shore you get up every time you fail keep straying that will make you more strong. All humans in this world make mistakes that we regrate but that don't mean stop straying I hope everithing is okk and remember we not alone thats why we have God

By anonymous at 16,May,11 23:24

I had the same feelings for the last years.
Self-punishment for not trying gives me a lot of pain,something that I can't explain but I feel it in my chest.
Regards.Good luck.

By anonymous at 17,May,11 13:09

When God closes the door, he opens a window.

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