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I broke once...never again

Posted by alice at January 17, 2010
Tags: General  January 2010

Ok my life sucks but im trying to look more for the good side of the life and try to stay positive...sometimes is pretty hard ... problems with my family, the money (yeah who hasnt problem with that?) , friends, boyfriends and girlfriends...
I never broke just one time and im promise to my self never again...
but it still hurts me inside...
few months ago i fight with my best friend.... never spoke again.... it was so hard realising that he didnt worth it... that so many times i was there for him he never was with me... and then i broke up with my bf... that was a big deal... i was in love with him and he treated me like shit... i know i made mistakes and now im better and i dont think about him anymore but it stills hurts becouse i didnt do anything to 'fight' back... i always was the good girl... who does averything... i wish i could go back with who I am now... i feel so damn bad becouse he thinks we won again...he hurt me bad... damn and thats killing me...
i hope u understand...
see u guys around...
if u fall
get up...


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New Comment

By anonymousWoman at 17,Jan,10 18:41

Yea who doesnt have a problem with money. I still live with my parents but its a major pain hearing the phone ring everyday from bill-collectors who want the car note or other bills that havent been paid for. It hurts me to see my parents struggling but they've been through this for nearly 20 years and are still on their feet.

It's really strange how we get so close to people for a long time and then BAM, they are gone. friends do come and go, and those who are not worth it, open the door wider for them to step out of your life. you will meet all kinds of other people in your life, so try not to dwell on this so-called best friend. cut your losses and move on with life.

When it comes to your boyfriend, don't worry about it if he thinks he won. the most important thing is that you are not tied down to him to the point where he can't hurt you anymore. And like i've said before with other posts, anytime a man hurts you whether its intentional or not, put him on the spot and let him know that if he does it again, youre out. Don't just keep letting men hurt you over and over and over and over and THEN break up. Lay down that Self-respect notice any time people come into your life.

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 16:07

Sniff, sniff this post deserves an Oscar for "The most BS spewed to get attention on an annonymous website."
And you goofs buy all these stories.
By anonymous at 12,Aug,10 08:42

haha, and this comment for the mst bs spewed to get attention as a comment"


I was there once. there is a better way of thinking that comes after a long time... I am much closer to in now than I was when the guy who basically broke my heart broke up with me. I was in a really angry, lost place then. I can't believe how much I have changed- and I can see that you recognize that you have changed too. Think about how much you've changed. Now imagine that doubling in the next amount of time. Hopefully that is inspiring. ^.^

By anonymous at 04,Feb,10 07:38

ya in ur case ur bf sucks..y do u blame it on life?...thr r so many other things...nd thr is urself....and do hell with any1 whos nt worth u..

By Adobe OEM Software at 08,Mar,12 15:06

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