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Why Do I Always Lose?

Posted by SuckerSibling at May 13, 2011
Tags: Family  Job  Life Story  2011 May

Well after reading some of these stories, I can relate. However, I am ashamed to say that it doesn't get better as you get older, it only gets worse. I am 63 years old and apparently, I have not taken life by the conjunes and got what I wanted, I was so busy pleasing everyone and helping everyone, I am a hopeless mess. I started out trying to go to nursing school - I had big dreams and ibg hopes. Then I met my husband, got pregnant, got married and raised my son working weekends and figured if I had a weekend job, by the time he graduated, I could go back to school. Well by the time that happened, I had a rotten racist boss who took me off the weekend and it ruined my chances of going to school because I needed to be off monday through thursday. Then, she puts me on a shift of Monday, Wednesday and Friday - a graveyard shift, so I couldn't do anything let alone school. Then my knees get bad, my blood pressure goes up, and then I got fired. Well, I figured after working 46 years I could get a rest, collect unemployment like a lot of folks do, and also have my pension from the state, so its not too bad. But try to find a job at 63. Forget it. No one wants you. So all my dreams are down the tubes, my life is in the toilet, my husband is up his family's butt, and my life is on hold. Oh, did I mention that my money hungry sister and her jerk husband are living with my mother who is on hospice and bleeding her dry financially? I can't even do anything for my mom if I wanted to, they have her so duped. She is like a prisoner in her own home, they monitor her visits, her phone calls and her mail. Only a parent can file for elder abuse. Where is the justice in this country?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Aug,11 22:23

"Only a parent can file for elder abuse." I am not sure that's true, especially if your mother is in hospice. Laws vary by state - I understand you're broke, but you may be able to find an elderly hot line or some such that can advise. In fact, at 63 they might be able to provide a little help here & there for you too.

By anonymous at 13,Nov,12 06:44

Get your mother out of that house. Make her live with you.
If i may ask, Where are your children? Why arent they helping you? Reach out to them.

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