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The shit part of my WONDERFUL life

Posted by anonymous at January 19, 2010
Tags: January 2010  Philosophical

Why my life is awesome

Im 13
Parents r together
I have a home
I have a boyfriend
Im a christian
I have a dog
I have a older and younger brother
Im a girl
I have friends
I dont look at the bad shitty stuff
My family loves me
My friends love me
God loves me
I am alive
I dont have any problems
Im not sick
I am happy

What sucks about my life

Knowing all you ever think about is all the shit in your life. Maybe your parents are seperated, maybe one is dead. I know its hard, my life isnt perfect. I know that, but just because bad things happen doesnt mean your life sucks. I mean, some people have it way worse. You should be thankful. I dont know what your life is really like, but if you keep focusing on the shit, you not getting anywhere.

Thats what I put before and all I got was shit for trying to help people. So here is the shitty part of my wornderful life.

My parents are in debt over their heads.

7 people (including me) live in a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house.(me, mom, dad, older brother, younger brother, aunt, cousin.)

My dad is an alcholic.

Mom needs a liver transplant because tylonal poison.

Sister ran away when I was 7. (she was 14)

I had to get my last dog put down because he bit somebody. (And yeah, if you hit your neighbors dog, its gonna retaliate and bite you.)

Mom is suicidal.

Mom gambled away mine and my brothers collage money away.

No money.

Only one car for 5 people that can drive.

Hospital bills to pay.

I keep it all bottled up inside.

I'm not good enough for anyone.

Boyfriend dumped me after 4 1/2 months.

So if your gonna leave me shit for comments, don't bother. I don't need it. All I did was do something I thought you might apperciate. I guess I was wrong.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 19,Jan,10 17:34

Hey girl look
-i m the one who comment on your other post and told the others to back off...-
I understand u were trying to help and I really appreciate it but the point is that some ppl are so deep in shit and when they read something good for someone they maybe feel jealous... why U have so wonderfull life and I dont? or something like that...ppl here i believe appreciate more the advises than reading about the good life of the other person...
As for me i wish u the best for u and your family... i know it must be hard but i ll pray for u... and dont care about that boyfriend...there are a lot fish on the sea and u re only 13....
By Kirsten Y. at 21,Jan,10 09:14

thx lots

By anonymous at 19,Jan,10 21:18

If you really want to help, how about just commenting people's stories and give them advice based on THEIR experience. Nobody meant any harm when they commented you, it's just that when you first posted this, it looked like you were rubbing it in. We get people who do that here from time to time who don't take into consideration on how people feel or what this may do to them. this is site is extremely loaded with sensitive people who just want an open ear and good advice. ANd its the WAY you word it. its like you were saying "get over it"
By Kirsten Y, at 21,Jan,10 09:16

i kno i didnt mean it that way i just wanted 2 help ppl
By anonymous at 21,Jan,10 16:28

ok :)

By anonymous at 20,Jan,10 10:59

ur really going through allot... and i was the person who wrote a comment before on the other story,but i obviousely didnt know what u were going through.
just wanted to say sorry, idk maybe i 'was' jaelouse...or... idk...
i wish u the best...
By Kirsten Y. at 21,Jan,10 09:16


By anonymous at 20,Jan,10 18:29

stop lying.. you are definitely not 13.. troll
By Kirsten Y. at 21,Jan,10 09:14

Ya i am. i was born july 8, 1996. my name is kirsten kelley yetter.

By HMM... at 29,Jan,10 13:51

Hey, i just thought i'd say that i liked your post (even if you wouldn't have put in the bad stuff). I fight depression and the negative thought cycle of my life every single day and i feel like i pull some strength from the stories of people who feel good about their lives and themselves (especially if they haven't had an easy life).

I really really wish i could look at the positive side of things. I'm not as negative as i used to be, but trying to give myself strength to face things in a more positive way drains the hell out of me :(

anyways, enough about me. i just wanted to say thanks for your post. Hearing that you can stay in a good mood when all that crap is going on helps me to stay positive.

thanx :):):)

New Comment