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Posted by anonymous at January 19, 2010
Tags: Drugs  Health  January 2010  Justice


My dad got taken away by the police cuz hes a drunk, and overdosed the first time I went to see him.

My sister is badly bipolar, has panic attacks and just recently got out of a Psyche Hospital.

My brother is never here.

My friends house is getting evicted, so I may never see him again.

Im bipolar and have terrible anxiety, and have attacks during school all the time, and get made fun of cuz im seen crying. I cut my wrists and tried to kill myself. My meds dont help.

My Mom is in really bad debt, and wastes all her money on cigarettes.

I know its not as bad as some, but the depression makes it feel so much worse.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 21,Jan,10 19:10

It doesn't matter if other people have it 'worse than you'. If it hurts you this much, it is O.K. to 'know' that you have it bad.

By anonymous at 22,Jan,10 15:57

My brother is never here -> do the same. Finish School quick, move away, change ur life. -> it helps

By anonymous at 18,Feb,10 19:40

Hang in there.

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