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Save me

Posted by at May 21, 2011
Tags: Appearance  Attitude  2011 May

I live in a country called Taiwan. I am an asian. currently 19, Male.
Since long time ago ppl tend to tease me about my appearance. i have small slanted and disgsting eyes(even asians tease me bout my eyes so i guess u can see how fugly they are ) and i am very skinny . and worst of all, i have serious near-sightedness. its like -9.00 D for both eyes. yes guess u can imagine how its so inconvinient. I am also an social outcast because i dont like asian stuff while other ppl do , i love alternative rock , emo, punk music, i watch tv shows that are only from States or UK. only thing i am proud of in school is my english . so basically i have no friend in my life.

i dont know how i can survive in the future. how can a major loser like me find a job when i grow up? everytime i look in the mirror, only stand there wondering who the guy in the mirror is. sick of crying, tired of trying, just tell me who can save me ? what did i do wrong in my previous life? :(


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New Comment

By anonymous at 06,Jun,11 06:47

hey, dude. i read your story.seriously,it's sounds a bit unhappy,but you def. have the chance to make it better.cheer up, really,my life is much worse!
By at 07,Jun,11 21:18

alright... hope ur life be better in the future :i

By anonymous at 07,Jun,11 02:38

Yeah I hate Being Fucking Chink too. being Chink sucks.

I have the Same Problem with you. I hate My Fucking Gook

Face. No one fucking Love me.

I don't want to Fucking Live. I'm so Depress All The

time. And i'm going to fucking kill myself Someday...

Fuck This World. Fuck Asians. Fuck my Perents.

I live in Shithole Country. Shitty Appearance, Shitty Race.

i'm still fucking virgin who spend most of my life front

of computer.i'll end this bullshit. i'm not afraid of

By at 07,Jun,11 21:25

:I, dude ... i cant say anything to u since we both kinda the same.
i did think bout commiting suicide, but then i realized that if i did actually do that, that would mean i let the ppl who tease me win, the ppl who ruined my life they will be satisfied , and i dont want that. but still, i dont know wat to do , guess i have to keep fighting, tho it might turn ugly in the end.
music helps somehow, music is ur best friend.

By at 07,Jul,11 08:53

1stly im sure you are an awesome person

i have learned that its not about how you look thats matters its about the aura you expell from yourself

i also feel like you at times but i have come to terms with my looks cause they dont make me

i can be beautiful but i can also be very vain

my advice to you is to be true to yourself cause when darkness arrives even your own shaddow deserts you

look in the mirror and say i love being me cause im the best me i can be

dont ever doubt yourself and try with all your might to be the best you can be cause someday someone will love you for you someone will look into your eyes and search your soul and truely love you for who you are


By anonymous at 25,Jul,11 15:03

I was skinny with glasses and hated my teen years too...
I know a few people who improved eyesight with natural methods too.. (meditation and stress relief)
Hope it works for you!! (The relaxation exercises can be really comfortable and cozy, if you at least manage to stop it from progressing, that's something too!!)

Maybe you can travel to US/Western states and get a job there? Or with an international company that has a subsidiary where you might want to live? You might even do PR for music bands other people don't know yet?
I find it difficult to believe that 'nobody' in Taiwan would be into alternative rock, emo or punk music? Maybe you just haven't met the right people yet?
People don't need to listen to ALL the same bands to appreciate you or be interesting enough to be friends with!!
Or maybe there are international people who'd be happy to meet some 'native speakers'?

Unless you want to be Miss Universe, a supermodel or a moviestar/front singer, your looks don't have much to do with job or future... And if Asian people tease you, maybe Western people wouldn't?

Glasses can make eyes smaller too, and people can tease others for glasses too, even if eyes are 'normal'... And some people just like to tease others (maybe even 'just to be friendly'!!), maybe you could be thankful that they only teased you about eyes and being skinny, and not other things?? In a few years they will be jealous of you being skinny!!
Maybe read 'Dealing with Difficult People' book if you can!! (the bigger version, by Kirschner and Brinkmann) There's advice against teasing or bullying elsewhere too!!
Good luck!!

By at 13,Aug,11 03:58

I wear glasses 2 bt I mke it work,well I hv to cause I model part tym.I say its nt wat matters on da inside bt outside

By at 13,Aug,11 03:58

I wear glasses 2 bt I mke it work,well I hv to cause I model part tym.I say its nt wat matters on da inside bt outside

By at 13,Aug,11 03:59

I mean it deosnt matter wats on da outside bt in sorry huny

By at 13,Aug,11 04:00

I mean it deosnt matter wats on da outside bt in sorry huny

By anonymous at 18,Aug,11 01:20

First of all - it really needs to start with SELF LOVE. i know it sounds cliche but is so true!!! Look at your positive features first then work on the rest. EVERYBODY needs to work on themselves : Being Perfect is not Perfect!!!
As far as making friends -- you should find people who share the same intrests...for example if you like to read - go to a bookstore ... strike up conversations. You Can Do It! The power is really within yourself...
*THE ONLY OPINION THAT REALLY MATTERS IS YOURS...the rest will follow! *please stray yourself away from the SELF DESTRUCTIVE path of SELF DISGUST ... it's hard to comeback....LOVE YOURSELF!

By anonymous at 23,Oct,11 14:00

Dude, I get what you mean. I'm asian too, and there are those fucking bastards that just won't mind their own fucking business.

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